MICHIGAN CITY | Two Michigan City men face criminal charges in a case of road rage.

Christopher Landers was arrested on a felony charge of pointing a firearm. Frank Urbanski was cited for provocation, a Class C misdemeanor.

According to LaPorte County Sheriff's Department, Landers said he was behind Urbanski in the parking lot of Evergreen Plaza about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday and became upset that it took Urbanski a long time to pull onto U.S. 20.

He drove around Urbanski and both drivers flipped off each other, then raced each other back and forth on U.S. 20, authorities said.

Police said Landers pointed a loaded handgun at Urbanski then got out of his vehicle and walked over to Urbanski who was revving his engine in a threatening manner.

After both men took off, Urbanski got behind Landers and called police while following him to a driveway on 400 North where Landers was taken into custody.