Marriage Announcements

2006-01-21T00:00:00Z Marriage Announcements
January 21, 2006 12:00 am

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Gabor Keller Jr., Cedar Lake, and Michelle Fitzpatrick, Crete

Bryan Lesniewski, Crown Point, and Lori Gacsy, Schererville

Dustan Houchin, Highland, and Dedra Delany, Schererville

Curtis Cales, Hammond, and Debra Larkin, Hammond

Ryan Zentz, Schererville, and Teresa Scalia, Schererville

Grady Willis, Munster, and Chantel Carvajal, Chicago

Aaron Sipos, Hebron, and Lori Hixon, Hebron

Peter Hoff, Sauk Village, and Shelomi Tennione, Gary

Alberto Hernandez, Hammond, and Julie Lutz, Crown Point

Jason Zajac, Highland, and Leighamichelle Staley, Highland

Edward Britton, DeMotte, and Patricia Buhse, Crown Point

Christopher Agbe-Davies, Gary, and Rhea Wright, Gary

Mark Bribiesca, East Chicago, and Nancy Gonzalez, Hobart

Dellion Harris, Gary, and Kayendra Hunter, Merrillville

John Hendley, Lake Station, and Robin Jarvis, Lake Station

Thomas Alicea, Crown Point, and Rebecca Anderson, Crown Point

Lorenzo Scott Jr., St. Louis, Mo., and Quiana Williams, Gary

Paul Villareal, Crown Point, and Melissa McCarley, Griffith

Earl Sanders, Merrillville, and Michelle Scurlock, Highland

Michael Johnson, Chandler, Ariz., and Danielle Bailey, Chandler, Ariz.

Terry Eastling, Cedar Lake, and Kristen Swiderski, Cedar Lake

Darin Milne, Lowell, and Jeanette Lauridsen, Schererville

Jason Mayhew, Gary, and Rashada Hardin, Gary

Michael Harrison, Gary, and Vita Mix, Gary

Ebenovbe Omoruyi, Ogudu, Nigeria, and Eseosa Eguasa, Hammond

Timothy Radford, Merrillville, and Jacqueline Lipski, Merrillville

Matthew Trajkovski, Merrillville, and Ljupka Despotoski, Crown Point

Luis Gonzalez, Hammond, and Edith Muniz, Monclova, Mexico

Amjad Alyousef, Hammond, and Julie Nabat, Middlesboro, Ky.

Norman Isaacs, Griffith, and Joanne Rose, Hammond

Roy Smith, Lake Station, and Shirley Slavo, Gary

George Novak, Carol Stream, Ill., and Carrie Nutter, Chicago

Eddie Fowler, Griffith, and Alicia Deleon, Merrillville

Chad Manes, Thornton, and Nicole Novak, Cedar Lake

Alfredo Ramirez, Hammond, and Micole Massie, Hammond

Richard Calinski, Hammond, and Renee Garza, Hammond

Reynaldo Estevis Jr., Hammond, and Michelle Miller, Hammond

Akinjide Fijabi, London, England, and Vera Agbakoba, Merrillville

Christopher Sharp, Crown Point, and Holly Anderson, DeMotte

John Ferguson, Merrillville, and Rosa Trevino, Merrillville

Bobby Curry, Milwaukee, Wis., and Erica Bush, Milwaukee, Wis.

John Powell Jr., Columbus, Ga., and Denice Peterson, New Britain, Conn.

Carl Abrons, Merrillville, and Anita Lipscomb-Taylor, Gary

Sammy Mynes, Griffith, and Christine Ledergerber, Griffith

Michael Sikora, Lansing, and Corrine Haddad, Dyer

William Scott, Chicago Heights, and Kimberly Tinsley, Munster

Dennis Simala, Highland, and Diane Mach, Highland

Donald Farnum, Hammond, and Katherine Myer, Hammond

Nicholas Struss, Munster, and Jan Mengel, Crown Point

Stephen Lane, Chicago Heights, and Beverly Clark, Beecher

Mallory Webb, Gary, and Roslyn Clay, Gary

Kevin Glass, Merrillville, and Emily Worosz, Merrillville

Michael Toosovich, Griffith, and April Morgan, Cedar Lake

Jerry Newman, Gary, and Myrdis Fleming, Gary

Carl Balaszek, Chicago, and Teresa Moen, Hobart

James Waters, Carol Stream, Ill., and Megan Mantel, Carol Stream, Ill.

Stanley Thirkles, Detroit, Mich., and Carolyn Thomas, Detroit, Mich.

Bartel Zandstra, Crown Point, and Mary Kaster, Crown Point

Richard Ruiz, Hammond, and Shauna Tulba, Griffith

Christopher Whitlock, Phenix City, Ala., and Laura Crane, Lowell

Paul MacGillivray Jr., Hammond, and Angela Showers, Calumet City

Jason Lynn, Hammond, and Brooke Autry, Hammond

Rolla Fish, Highland, and Brenda Higgason, Hammond

Tierre Moore, Gary, and Constance Jennings, Gary

Todd Satterfield, Lowell, and Kathryn Hamm, Lowell

Brian Ellis, Hammond, and Heidi Bowles, Hammond

Jeffrey Varner, Gary, and Katina Robinson, Gary

Joseph Cholly, III, Crown Point, and Heather Barsic, Crown Point

John Wolters, Stephens City, Va., and Michelle Smith, Stephens City, Va.

Benito Cruz, Whiting, and Tina Guajardo, Whiting

Carl Martin, Hammond, and Cristell Blake, Richton Park, Ill.

Aterick Burks, Gary, and Lenette Cavada, Lake Station

Sergio Lomeli, Hammond, and Olga Ortiz, East Chicago

William Cole Jr., Caldwell, Idaho, and Cynthia Rankin, Griffith

David Zamora Jr., Whiting, and Jennifer Valtierra, Crown Point

Reuben Espinoza, Gary, and Brenda Conner, Gary

Tai Nguyen, Merrillville, and Phuongthao Tran, Merrillville

Jason Duncan, Lyons, Ill., and Brittany Clemenci, Lyons, Ill.

Anthony Rotkvich, Chicago, and Jennifer Kirin, Whiting

Michael Vandercar, Lowell, and Natalie Wahlberg, Crown Point

Michael Gulbranson, Dyer, and Regina Marson, Dyer

Roberto Paredes Jr., Chicago, and Michelle Doran, St. John

Kristopher Lasalle, Hammond, and Rachel Thorp, Hammond

Jordan Seegert, Petersburg, Mich., and Angelique Wilson, Lake Station

Keith Rienstra, Dyer, and Susana Jimenez, Hammond

Steven Weede, Highland, and Kristin Behling, Highland

Jeffrey Carroll, Merrillville, and Kelley Kennedy, Merrillville

Jeff Looney, Hammond, and Jillian Wells, Hammond

Hiram Walker Jr., Gary, and Diane Hollingsworth, Gary

Anthony Segneri, Hobart, and Stephanie Michaels, Hobart

Thomas Van Hoose, Crown Point, and Aimee Heinzman, Cedar Lake

Alejandro Cardona, Merrillville, and Marcella Benard, Portage

Nimray Goins, Sauk Village, and Tonyaleice Jones, Merrillville

Thomas Ferry Jr., Lowell, and Christena Rastovski, Lowell

Christopher Austin, East Chicago, and Angel Velez, East Chicago

Ricky Biggs Jr., Gary, and Vinetta Graham, Gary

Kevin Davis, Chicago, and Shanotha Shorts, Hammond

Chris Kurtis, Merrillville, and Kimberly Dimasi, Chicago

Daniel Buikema, St. John, and Julie Debartelo, St. John

Jesus Vargas, East Chicago, and Esther Camarillo, East Chicago

Jason Lundquist, Munster, and Carey Baccino, Lowell

Sherwyn Wiles, Calumet City, and Laquisha Smith, Hammond

Michael Vode, Merrillville, and Amie Gadberry, Hobart

Justin Salinas, Hobart, and Nichole Sinnott, Hobart

Ronald Crawford Jr., Cedar Lake, and Lynette Crawford, Lowell

Stanley Cain, Munster, and Michi Wise, Munster

Richard Szepanski, Whiting, and Gloria Flores, Hammond

Bruce Lloyd II, Hobart, and Amy Brooks, Hammond

Ronald Albrecht Jr., Morocco, Ind., and Nancy Butler, Lowell

Jason Allison, Highland, and Melissa Moes, Highland

Adron Starns, Gary, and Ebone Clark, Gary

Shane Lowden, Gary, and Shannon Robinson, Gary

Andre Johnson, Gary, and Waltesha Lay, Portage

James Cowan, Chicago, and Dusanka Biljic, Chicago

James Kendrick, Indianapolis, and Aneesha Mustafa, Gary

Terry Polston, Griffith, and Rachel Smith, Griffith

Andreas Proimos, Crown Point, and Janet Winter, Crown Point

Albert Cabell, Hammond, and Barbara McHenry, Hammond

David Boersma, Beecher, and Shaina Terpstra, Beecher

Ryszard Velazquez, Munster, and Jocelyn Gauler, Munster

Michael Stucky, Griffith, and Kristy Decker, Merrillville

David Leimer, Highland, and Rebecca Leimer, Highland

George Mills, Crown Point, and Starla Hernandez, Merrillville

Brian Smith, Lowell, and Julie Clark, Lowell

Brian Smith, Merrillville, and Anissa Graham, Merrillville

Stuart Guernsey, Schererville, and Rebecca McCarty, Merrillville

Michael Lundberg, Gary, and Sue Moon, Gary

Edward Derrington, Highland, and Paula Stabolito, Highland

Francisco Villalon, Hammond, and Rachel Gutierrez, Hammond

Benji Hawkins, Gary, and Legia Crawford, Gary

Todd Williamson, Schererville, and Selena Velasco, Schererville

Angel Martinez, Addison, Ill., and Cristal Garcia, East Chicago

Jason Zagone, Griffith, and Amy Theodozio, Griffith

Danny Nestorovski, Crown Point, and Breeann Blogg, Crown Point

Jason Moffitt, Munster, and Allison Lee, Sauk Village

William Tillman Jr., Gary, and Marcedia Bolden, Gary

Victor Martinez, Hobart, and Emily Gillette, Hobart

Dale Fancher III, Hobart, and Melissa Muncy, Hobart

Joseph Lashbrook, Highland, and Stephanie Martin, Hammond

Wesley Blackmon, Hebron, and Melissa West, Cedar Lake

Raul Franco, East Chicago, and Elida De la Cruz, East Chicago

David Isom, Schererville, and Jennifer Whiting, Schererville

Jason Waugh, Owosso, Mich., and Stacy Lassiter, Owosso, Mich.

Michael Gauler, Merrillville, and Angela Parent, Griffith

Brandon Ragan, Hobart, and Brittney Wooley, Belvidere, Ill.

Jimmie McQueen, Merrillville, and Christine Robelia, Merrillville

Mario Cerrato, Chicago, and Carmen Maldonado, Hobart

Christopher Melnik, Crown Point, and Maureen Massey, Hobart

Ryan Turner, Merrillville, and Audria Perry, Merrillville

Gordon Sullivan II, Hobart, and Ashley Amelse, Merrillville

Jacob Ehrhardt, DeMotte, and Bonnie Easton, Lake Station

Michael Montgomery, Gary, and Mary Dicks, Gary

Richard Miller, Griffith, and Dian Short, Lake Station

Brian Stahulak, Chicago, and Leslie DeVries, Chicago

Jeremy Shallon, St. John, and Denise Schoon, Highland

Adolfo Martinez, Schererville, and Crystal Rodriguez, Schererville

Alonzo Ortega, East Chicago, and Marissa Delgado, Highland

Rudolph Rucoba, East Chicago, and Laura Arroyo, East Chicago

Michael Flores, East Chicago, and Patricia Lopez, Hammond

Troy Haptonstall, Hebron, and Jennifer Parduhn, Columbus, Ind.

John Koldus, Crown Point, and Melissa Massey, Crown Point

Charles Mikuly, Gary, and Crystal Frizzell, Valparaiso

Dionysis Katsouros, Merrillville, and Christine Barker, Crown Point

Aaron Bates, Crown Point, and Marie Kraly, Crown Point

Matthew Hockett, Aurora, Ill., and Natalie Onate, South Holland

Alejandro Martinez, Mexico City, Mexico, and Maria Gutierrez, Hammond

Gary Czarnecki, Schererville, and Kara Boland, Monee, Ill.

David Krueger, Dyer, and Kelly Winiecki, Highland

Dan Williams Jr., Schererville, and Nicole DeNormandie, Dyer

Zachary Cook, Hobart, and Karri Petrizzo, Hobart

Danny Ales, Whiting, and Carol Cain, Highland

Kevin Yott, Lansing, and Carol Zambon, Lansing

Cristian Rolly, Madison, Wis., and Liza Cardenas, Hammond

Jackie Howard, Hammond, and Sara Wakeland, Rock Island, Ill.

Eugene Lesniak, Schererville, and Ruth Beach, Cedar Lake

Christopher Rodriguez, Crown Point, and Theresa Driscoll, Crown Point

Jacob Tillery, Highland, and Tanya Janda, Crown Point

Andrew Garibay, East Chicago, and Jennifer Bolanos, Crown Point

Marcus Hare, Hobart, and Amy Hicks, Schererville

Jonathan Poole, Griffith, and Erica Lansbery, Hammond

Ronald Jackson, Chicago, and Kizzie Wade, Gary

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