Marriage licenses

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2004-07-06T00:00:00Z Marriage licenses
July 06, 2004 12:00 am

Pedro Rangel, Merrillville, and Katie Tanis, Merrillville

Gregory Barker, Lowell, and Gail Barker, Lowell

Jason Pulcifer, Hobart, and Emilie Smith, Hobart

Ronnie Moore, East Chicago, and Gwendolyn Moore, East Chicago

Walter La Plante Jr., Highland, and Michelle La Plante, Highland

Lamont Ragland, Gary, and Sondra Thomas, Gary

Rudolph Martinez Jr., Gary, and Johanna Jeronimo, Merrillville

Jeremy Leviner, Griffith, and Suzanne Cassoday, Griffith

Michael Bishop, Highland, and Cortney Shropshire, Highland

Hilario Huerta, East Chicago, and Alma Ortiz, East Chicago

Donald Snell Sr., Crown Point, and Gail Seitzinger, Schererville

Cristobal Ortiz, East Chicago, and Maria Fernandez, East Chicago

Jason Allande, Lowell, and April Panozzo, Cedar Lake

John Becker, Hobart, and Pennie Bozetarnik, Hobart

Honorio Ortega, Chicago, and Raquel Bocanegra, Hammond

George Drozd, Whiting, and Therese Janik, Whiting

George Williams, Schererville, and Randy Rocks, Schererville

Lance Moody, Highland, and Valentina Griskeliene, Bridgeview, Ill.

Houston King Jr., Hammond, and Lola Gooden, Chicago

David Cermak,Crown Point, and Kamie Sheridan, Hebron

Buddy Larsen, Crown Point, and Alyce Hoehn, Crown Point

Deedak Bhojraj, Hobart, and Sandhya Joshi, Fairborn, Ohio

Ronald Trujillo, Gary, and Angelia Evans, Hammond

Gregory Vitale, Crown Point, and Amy Nieckula, Orland Park, Ill.

Gregory Birtell, Hobart, and Melanie Mason, Hobart

Dennis Spivey, Bloomington, Ind., and Jennfier Rayburn, Gary

Michael Wojciechowski, Lowell, and Amanda Burns, Lowell

Leroy Wade Jr., Gary, and Lisa Wallace, Gary

Raymond Estes, Gary, and Yolanda Vaughn, Gary

Ronald Williams, Highland, and Samantha Rubalcava, Hammond

Eduardo Garcia, East Chicago, and Esther Acevedo, East Chicago

Dustin Weber, Hobart, and Casey Schwab, Hobart

Delbert Redd Jr., Plainfield, Ill., and Julie Thomas, Whiting

Juan Suarez, East Chicago, and Margarita Vega, Hammond

Carlos Norrick, Hobart, and Sophia Gutierrez, Hobart

Louis Haywood, Gary, and Rita Wade, Gary

David Boone Jr., Gary, and Tamar Johnson, Gary

Marco Arreola, Atlanta, Ga., and Irasema Salinas, East Chicago

James Kelly Jr., Griffith, and Dawn Pierce, Griffith

Terrence Ballard, Schererville, and Karen Krumpolz, St. John

Sean Clancy, Crown Point, and Karen Olson, Crown Point

David Beck, Merrillville, and Tonya Vlchek, Gary

Carlos Quinones, East Chicago, and Lisbeth Ferro, East Chicago

Michael Matula, Munster, and Diane Quill, Lowell

Jeffrey Phillips, Crown Point, and Holly Buchanan, Dyer

David Russell Sr., Merrillville, and Gloria Hemphill, Merrillville

Michael Simon, Gary, and Denise Jacobs, Gary

Dwight Swarn, Gary, and Kimberly Havens, Gary

Daniel Salus, Crown Point, and Vanessa De Soto, Highland

Arte Emmanoilidis, Crown Point, and Martha Kostouros, St. John

Harry Tucker, Lowell, and Nancy Tucker, Lowell

Christopher Penrod, Lowell, and Kimberly Horvat, Lowell

Russell Cartwright, Griffith, and Julie Werner, Griffith

Rudolph Ortega II, East Chicago, and Angel Chavez, Portage

Jared Taylor, Gary, and Kymberly Veal, Merrillville

Michael Piro, Schererville, and Julie Radkay, Schererville

Edward Jimenez, Crown Point, and Blair Amelse, Crown Point

Randall Kreutzer, Crown Point, and Jenifer Ranc, Crown Point

Charles Johnson Jr., Gary, and Yvonna Nelson, Gary

Roger Jackson, Hammond, and Deborah Frazier, Hammond

Michael Lebioda, Griffith, and Gabriela Paldanova, Michigan City

Gregory Dommer, Portage, and Donna Hinkel, Hobart

Eric Stone, Highland, and Melissa Wright, Highland

Erick Hollmes, Gary, and Phenisha Pickett, Gary

Darin Clark, St. John, and Persa Petrovski, St. John

Damon Person, Hammond, and Scretta Williams, Gary

Jeffrey Tenzera Jr., Merrillville, and Shawn Lemmon, Merrillville

James Stevens, Gary, and Dawn Linvill, Portage

Darryl Robinson, Gary, and La Tanya Williams, Gary

Ignacio Rodriguez, Highland, and Sylvia Rodriguez, Gary

Rogelio Casas Jr., Munster, and Margaret Dobrzeniecki, Schererville

Virgil Bailey, Hammond, and Magen Towner, Hammond

Frank Shainauskas, Cary, Ill., and Louise Hoess, Munster

Gregory Dotson, Hobart, and Donna-Marie Cea, Dundalk, Md.

Mark Castrejon, Whiting, and Stacy Murga, Whiting

Jesus Avila, Hammond, and Maria Munoz, Hammond

James Rodriguez, Joliet, Ill., and Dawn Ochs, Dyer

Steven Bunag, Dyer, and Josephine Tayag, Tinley Park, Ill.

Brad Wilkinson, Schaumburg, Ill., and Alysia Zarris, Crown Point

Benjamin Cherry Jr., Merrillville, and Aukesha Henry, Gary

Louis Liberto, Lake Station, and Elizabeth Olive, Lake Station

James Woodson, Merrillville, and Jamie Hearon, Merrillville

Richard Fisher, Hammond, and Erica Boilek, Hammond

Robert Meier, Hammond, and Judith Blankenship, Schererville

Roosevelt Upshaw, Gary, and Sarah Clark, Hammond

Michael Harkins, Lake Station, and Jodie Vanover, Lake Station

Darrius Duniver Jr., Chicago, and Tia Pryor, Merrillville

Jeffrey Wold Jr., Chicago Heights, and Nicole Cella, Chicago Heights

Gregory Joiner, Gary, and Kelli Dungy, Gary

Jason Anderson, Gary, and Ne Kisha Pirtle, Gary

Lawrence Lee, Middle Point, Ohio, and Victoria Agler, Van Wert, Ohio

Carl Krone Jr., Lowell, and Christine Stewart, Lowell

Don Ramon, Merrillville, and Lois Janiszewski, Merrillville

Joseph Rodriguez, Whiting, and Aracely Sandoval, Whiting

Adam Kras, Hammond, and Renee Olive, Hammond

Andrew Bultema, Lowell, and Kelly Wortel, Steger, Ill.

Dwight Gauldin II, Gary, and Angela Lott, Gary

Adhiraj Dwivedi, Highland, and Rajul Gautam, Coram, N.Y.

Nicholas Betts, Gary, and Valerie Levy, Gary

David Bonchik, Whiting, and Erin Leimbach, Munster

George Obradovich, Lansing, and Penelope Siler, Tinley Park, Ill.

Benjamin Voliva III, Mokena, Ill., and Kelly Egan, Mokena

Jessie Totton, Hammond, and Diane Miley, Hammond

James Hart, DeMotte, and Lois Robatto, Crown Point

Christopher Cook, Schererville, and Carmina Rojas, West Chicago, Ill.

Lawrence Gember, Merrillville, and Cynthia Elser, Merrillville

Christopher Lloyd, Whiting, and Tiffeny Carter, Highland

Anthony Mack, East Chicago, and Ann Trevino, Gary

John Borkowski, Cedar Lake, and Mary Lake, Cedar Lake

Freddie Pannell, Hammond, and Konda Sanders, Hammond

Blaine Rosas, Chicago, and Jennifer Faught, Hammond

Marvin Martin, Hammond, and Misti Blankenship, Hammond

Eric Felker, Burnham, Ill., and Jennifer Elders, Hammond

Terrance Spencer, Chicago, and Nakita Reed, Gary

John Tellez, Hammond, and Tammy Gall, Hammond

Guy McDaniels, Merrillville, and Karen Manzella, Merrillville

Russell Zea Jr., Lowell, and Katy Hall, Lowell

Walter Cotton III, Schererville, and Jennifer Boender, Highland

Frankey Griffin, Gary, and La Tasha Harris, Markham, Ill.

Adam Serros, Gary, and Claudia Jones, Merrillville

Thomas Bibakis, Lowell, and Cheryl Miles, Hammond

Richard Dillon, Hammond, and Katherine Choate, Hammond

Bart Flora, Hammond, and Lisa Trevino, Hammond

John Morley, Schererville, and Marcia Jaron, Highland

Jack Brink, Whiting, and Patricia Shreve, Whiting

Jerome Pagell Jr., Crown Point, and Candis Stevenson, Crown Point

Deron Miller, Crown Point, and Jody Velez, Crown Point

Alfonso Gomez, Detroit, Mich., and Maria De La Luz Cruz, Hammond

Armando Baldazo, East Chicago, and Sara Casillas, East Chicago

Robert Kammer, Crown Point, and Anita Hoover, Crown Point

Patrick Cave III, Crown Point, and Kimberly Holliday, Crown Point

Norman Spring, Lakeview, Ohio, and Danielle White, Lakeview, Ohio

Carl Deal Jr., Colorado Springs, Colo., and Constance Deal, Schererville

Edmund Bukowski, Munster, and Laura Anthony, Munster

Jason Bikoff, Crown Point, and Jeanna Romano, Crown Point

Michael Urbanczyk, Whiting, and Abigail Mendoza, Whiting

Samuel Spicer, Minneapolis, Minn., and Nicole King, Minneapolis

Eric Wyrzykowski, Highland, and Michelle Obenchain, Hammond

David Harris, Ellicott City, Md., and Petrina Jeralds, Schererville

Vontel Travis, Gary, and Antoinette Coleman, Gary

Theodis Clayborne III, Gary, and Wallynda Hatten, Gary

Samuel Woods, Chicago, and Janice Stanton, Gary

Skippie Malin, Gary, and Sheila Casey, Gary

Aaron Coberg, Crown Point, and Michelle Marshall, Anderson, Ind.

Sean Keener, Gary, and Susan Charlton, Hammond

Bernard Jewett, Hammond, and Christina Damron, Griffith

Kevin Plebanski, Merrillville, and Laura Korba, Merrillville

Charles Bean, Hammond, and Melodyann Ackermann, Merrillville

David Hlebasko, Crown Point, and Jennifer Ruiz, Dyer

Stuart Murtagh, Chicago Heights, and Allison Adams, Dyer

Josef Percianoff, Whiting, and Nicole Gibson, Whiting

Gary Zar, Merrillville, and Judith Rataczak, Highland

Phillip Mowers, Muncie, Ind., and Danyel Porter, Griffith

Paul Kelley, Hammond, and Kimberly Nash, Crown Point

Rodney Givens, Gary, and Nicole Jones, Gary

Steven Simmons, Lowell, and Tracy Stewart, Cedar Lake

Michael Daray, Michigan City, and Tiffany Hamilton, St. John

Ricky Cable, Claypool, Ind., and Lora Dodge, Crown Point

Robert Nanney Jr., Portage, and Wanda Elzinga, Highland

Dewitt Grant, Chicago, and Katrina Wells, Calumet City

Edwardo Trevino, Whiting, and Melinda Morin, Whiting

Frank Alexander IV, Whiting, and Deborah Hansen, Whiting

Wallace Pearson, Highland, and Claudia Sandoval, Munster

Michael Rotheker, Hobart, and Christine Helmer, Bluffton, Ind.

Corey Hutchison, Lowell, and Jessica Tompkins, Lowell

Rickey Woynaroski, Portage, and Elizabeth Bougie, Merrillville

Steven Trinkle, Hammond, and Jung Kim, Schererville

James Riddle, Merrillville, and Jeanette Koon, Merrillville

Jon Hutcheson, Alexandria, Va., and Allison Jenkins, Alexandria

Alvin Hall, Lake Station, and Cathy Iovanella, Gary

Cory Cole, Lowell, and Wendy Perez, DeMotte

Matthew Clemens, Merrillville, and Gretchen Minchuk, Merrillville

Jereme Coleman, Gary, and Candiss Bryant, Gary

Harry Bogolin, Gary, and Cindy Bishop, Michigan City

Joel Craig, Schererville, and Brianne Cunnington, Schererville

David George, Griffith, and Tina Walkowiak, Griffith

Gjorgi Terziev, Willowbrook, Ill., and Suzi Markoska, Crown Point

Ryan Davids, St. John, and Rachel Molenhouse, Highland

Juan Quintana, East Chicago, and Veronica Sanchez, East Chicago

Chester Jachinak Jr., Hobart, and Bernice Newell, Hobart

Ryan Strewart, Knox, Ind., and Kristina Kesely, Munster

Matthew Henderson, Whiting, and Jessyca Brogden, Hammond

Robert Duran, Hammond, and Sharon Novak, Hammond

Daniel Spiller II, Hobart, and Cynthia Gerald, Hobart

Alfredo Martinez, Hammond, and Gabriela Rodriguez, Hammond

Robert Dickelson Jr., Hammond, and Yesenia Guzman, Hammond

Theodore Walter, Valparaiso, and Lisa Dalton, Hammond

Jesus Perez, East Chicago, and Ana Montano, East Chicago

Carlos Martinez Sr., Hammond, and Yolanda Martinez, Fort Wayne

Eugene Schlossberger, Munster, and Maricar Cura, Manila, Philippines

Michael Harrison, Gary, and Tiwanna Curothers, Gary

Atlas Wedlow Sr., Hammond, and Maria Villa, Hammond

William Cohs, Munster, and Michelle Fremouw, Munster

Lester Fox III, St. John, and Kathleen Sutherlin, St. John

Roy Jenkins, Spring Grove, Ill., and Susan Ladendorf, Spring Grove

Tony Bronson Jr., Gary, and Vandaline Baker, Gary

Joseph Mika, Lowell, and Marie Koss, Westville

Halit Berber, Bridgeview, Ill., and Marla Toth, Schererville

Joseph Gamez Sr., East Chicago, and Donna Jasin, East Chicago

Joshua Barth, St. John, and Amy Delgado, Hammond

Keith Slicker, Hobart, and Heather Rafferty, Hobart

Jason Fulton, Hobart, and Christine Sankowski, Portage

Christopher Kunst, Lansing, and Melissa Davis, Lansing

Ryan Hill, Griffith, and Laura Smith, Griffith

Arthur Trevino II, Gary, and Leticia Ramirez, East Chicago

Jorge Morales, East Chicago, and Rena Martinez, East Chicago

Nektarios Zaronias, Merrillville, and Shannon Houck, Merrillville

Robert Acke, Dyer, and Linda Novak, Dyer

Jeffrey Szybala Jr., Hobart, and Mary Galindo, Hobart

Kevin Westerhoff, Lansing, and Jessica Van Wieren, Dyer

Jerome White, Dolton, and Regina Buckingham, Gary

Henry Rumph, East Chicago, and Clara Rogers, Hammond

Carlos Vargas, Highland, and Elsa Magana, Hammond

Anthony Doctor, Highland, and Shannon Swope, Griffith

Francis Jackson Jr., Gary, and Marcella Johnson, Gary

Melvin Artis Jr., Gary, and Lashonda Mitchell, Gary

Larry McIntosh, Gary, and Erica Harrison, Gary

Dexter Hoskins Jr., Gary, and Tiffany Haney, Marion, Ark.

John Bonner Jr., Gary, and Cherylin James, Gary

Harry Putnam III, Gary, and Bobbie Reed, Gary

Steven Vargo, Chicago, and Melanie Schmidt, Crown Point

Everett Rogers, Hammond, and Dawn Willison, Hammond

Donald Peirick, Avon, Colo., and Beverly Thompson, Avon

Edward Hauer, Hammond, and Patricia Davidson, Hammond

Benjamen Rouse, Hammond, and Lisa Kukla, Highland

Darrick Wright, East Chicago, and Cassandra Bell, East Chicago

Nathan Van Tholen, Westmont, Ill., and Laura Kostelyk, Dyer

Dan Schneider, Highland, and Cynthia Boilek, Munster

Martin Rodriguez, Hammond, and Sandra Casanova, Hammond

Timothy Wilson Jr., DeMotte, and Lisa Umlauf, Lowell

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