WESTCHESTER TOWNSHIP | Police said a South Bend man was removed from a train car Wednesday after creating a disturbance along the South Shore Line.

Just after 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, a Porter County sheriff's officer boarded an eastbound train at the Dune Park station, 33 E. U.S. 12, where an employee reported a possibly intoxicated passenger refusing to pay his fare, yelling obscenities and "Obama rules" inside the crowded car.

The officer said he approached Aljernon Fluker, 40, of South Bend, and asked to see his identification. The officer said that's when Fluker began pulling his shirt up with one hand and reaching down his pants with the other.

Officers said they removed Fluker from the train and said he had watery, bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol.

Fluker reportedly told officers he drank a beer on the train.

He was arrested and taken to Porter County Jail. Police said Fluker faces public intoxication and resisting law enforcement charges.

Officers said another passenger paid Fluker's fare.