HEBRON |  Hebron Middle School students in Danny Pastrick’s 4th hour class organized a World Hunger Drive at their school.

Taylor Wheeler and Joe MacNeill wrote a grant a few months ago called “What Will You Bring to the Table,” in which students were to create a unique way to collect food centered on a table. These two students, along with many others, came up with the idea to paint a table with handprints and then ask both the middle school and elementary school students to help out.

The middle school students participated in this event as part of National Leadership Week and gathered around 100 boxes of cereal. The elementary students were enticed with the idea that each winning grade-level class would earn popsicles, and they brought in 400 boxes of cereal.

More than 500 boxes of cereal, all of which were delivered to the town’s food pantry, were collected.

Annette is Porter County Community Coordinator for The Times. She has been with the paper for 20 years. A resident of Hobart, she graduated from Purdue University with degrees in English and German.