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PORTAGE — A 12-year-old boy was transported to an area hospital with bruising and injuries to his right leg after being struck by an SUV Wednesday afternoon, according to police.

The accident happened at 3:51 p.m. at the intersection of Airport Road and Fallen Timbers Avenue.

According to Portage police Capt. James Maynard, the boy was riding his bicycle eastbound on the sidewalk on the north side of Fallen Timbers towards Airport Road. At the time, there was a school bus stopped facing eastbound on Fallen Timbers at Airport waiting to make a right-hand turn, partially blocking the boy's view of traffic to the south.

The SUV, driven by a 40-year-old man, was driving northbound on Airport Road approaching Fallen Timbers. His view to his left was also obscured by the school bus. The driver said the boy suddenly rode into his path of travel and although he applied his brakes and swerved, was unable to avoid striking the child.

The SUV driver, the school bus driver and a third witness all said the boy rode out onto Airport without stopping to look first, police said. The SUV was traveling at about 20 mph, not giving the driver adequate time to make a complete stop before striking the child, Maynard said.

The officer’s report places the primary fault on the bicyclist and no citations or criminal charges are being sought against anyone involved, Maynard said.

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