Back to school and resale moves back to Portage

2013-08-21T00:00:00Z Back to school and resale moves back to PortageRobin Wilkening Times Correspondent
August 21, 2013 12:00 am  • 

Shhhhhhh, do you hear that? That, my Portage Township friends, is all the parents in the school district breathing a sign a relief as the kids get on that bus, slam that car door or shut that front door as they start their first full day of school. I can hear it just ever so faintly from my front door as I head off to work this morning.

Those days are over for us. Both our boys, or should I say young men, are married now and have other women besides mom. We are truly blessed with two great guys who did well in Portage Township Schools. But, no more mad dash for school supplies with all the other parents in Walgreen’s, CVS, Wal-Mart or the like. No more fighting every night that first week or two to get them off to bed at a decent hour for eight hours of refreshing sleep. No more arguing about colors that don’t match for the clothes they pick out and on and on it goes.

Needless to say the transition to getting back to school can be difficult especially when the child is entering a new school like going to middle school from elementary school.

Quite a few moms have told me they shed a few tears as the kiddies go off to school the first day but I never let them see me do that. I figured if they knew I was sad and not excited for them they would not want to go and succeed.

Please be mindful of all the kids today and every day now, waiting for the bus or walking to school. They tend not to always pay attention when they are with their peers and we want all of them to get there and get home safe and sound.

Good luck to all the Portage Township School administrators, students, staff and teachers this year. To quote a past PTS Superintendent, Mike Berta; “It’s a great day to be an Indian.”

This Saturday marks a big day for the Portage Resale Shop; it again is on the move. Several years ago, the Portage Resale Shop started in the east side of the Portage Mall but there came a time when the city had to demolish that set of buildings for further expansion in the downtown. The PRS moved out to US Highway 6 and they have been there for six years.

Now is the time where God smiles down on this amazing ministry that has given thousands of dollars back to our community, thousands of coats to those in need and much more. They are moving to the former Portage Christian Fellowship Church at 6450 Evergreen, right back in the middle of Portage, again. The church has given the building to them so no more rent payments and therefore more to give back to the community. What a blessing this wonderful place has been to Portage Township and their residents. The Resale Shop is run by as many as 30 volunteers and it’s director, Brandon Miller.

More volunteers are needed for the big move this Saturday so if you are available to help call (219) 764-3375 for more information.

After the move the Portage Resale Shop will reopen on Sept. 3. Bravo to all that make this ministry happen in our fair city.

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