Council approves increasing police-related fees

2012-11-11T18:00:00Z 2012-11-11T20:18:13Z Council approves increasing police-related feesBy Joyce Russell, (219) 762-1397, ext. 2222

PORTAGE | People wanting to get reports from the city's police department, be fingerprinted or attend driving classes, among other things, will be charged higher fees.

The City Council on Wednesday approved amendments to two ordinances increasing a variety of fees charged for services by the police department.

Fee increases include:

• Case, accident and investigative report fees will increase from $10 to $20 per report. Copy fees for reports of more than four pages will increase from 10 cents to 25 cents per page.

• Photograph fees will increase from $15 to $20 per photo and fees for a copy of a video-recorded incident will increase from $50 to $100.

• Accident reconstruction reports will increase from $500 to $1,500.

• Fees for fingerprinting for residents will increase from $15 to $25 and fees for nonresidents will increase from $20 to $30.

• Background check fees will increase from $10 to $30.

• Impound fees will increase from $20 to $50 per vehicle. These fees do not apply to a victim of a crime, whose vehicle was required to be impounded for evidentiary purposes.

• Fees to attend the Arrive Alive teen driving school will increase from $85 to $100, and fees to attend the Safe Streets driving class will increase from $70 to $100.

Funds from the increased fees in those areas will be deposited in the department's continuing education equipment fund.

In addition, the council approved raising fines for false alarms. Anyone having more than two false alarms per month will now pay a fine of $75 instead of $50 for any false alarms above two.

Also approved was an increase in vehicle inspection fees. Fees for inspections related to an issuance of a certificate of title will increase from $10 to $25 each and inspection fees in regards to a salvage title, garbage title, taxi title, dealership title or commercial title will increase from $20 to $100.

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