PORTAGE | Police received six additional reports on Friday of catalytic converters being stolen from automobiles.

That brings the total of eight stolen in two days. Two other reports were received on Thursday.

All of the catalytic converters, which are a part of a vehicle's exhaust system, have been stolen from cars while they were parked in apartment complex parking lots.

Reports received Friday indicated the converters were stolen from vehicles in the 3200 block of Spinnaker, 6600 block of Misty Breeze, 3300 block of Willowdale Court, 3200 block of Eastbend, 6600 block of Lagoon Way and 3300 block of Swanson. They were in the Breckenridge, Lake Pointe, Port Crossing and Swanson Court apartment complexes.

While the six reports were made Friday, several of the victims said they had either noticed a problem with their vehicle or the theft on the previous day.

Five of the six thefts reported Friday happened on Chevrolet Cavaliers. The sixth was on a Pontiac Sunfire.

The estimated value of a catalytic converter is $250.

Joyce has been a staff writer for The Times for more than 20 years. She covers the city and school district in Portage and surrounding areas.