Pet Supplies Plus to occupy old Walgreens building

2013-04-22T00:00:00Z Pet Supplies Plus to occupy old Walgreens buildingJoyce Russell, (219) 762-1397, ext. 2222

PORTAGE | Pet Supplies Plus will be moving into the former Walgreens drug store at 6030 Central Ave.

The Development Review Committee on Tuesday approved a site plan, with some contingencies, for the retrofitting of the 12,000-square-foot building.

Steven Earll of Chrodini of St. Louis, Mo., told the committee the pet store will occupy 8,000 square feet in the northernmost portion of the building. A second 4,000-square-foot space will be created for a future tenant.

Earll did not have a date as to when the Michigan-based store would open.

Earll said some facade improvements would be completed to the structure, including adding a gable element to the roof over the second tenant space, painting and that the building would be "touched up and cleaned up to be like new."

Development Review Planner Kurt Knutsen said that language "makes us gun-shy" and required additional information in the site plan concerning dumpster enclosures, parking lot striping plans and that the exterior would be totally repainted. Those updated plans would have to be presented before an improvement location permit is issued for the work.

The DRC also approved a proposal by NLMK to construct a crane girder and runway structure on the north side of its melt shop.

Ehren Plew, maintenance engineer for the Port of Indiana steelmaker, said the structure needs to be put in place before the company can assemble an 800,000-pound crane due to be delivered this summer.

Portage Fire Department Division Chief Chris Kender expressed some concerns over plans to relocate a fire hydrant in the way of the structure and cut the loop supply system. Kender said he was concerned pressure would drop in the water supply and hinder firefighting efforts.

Plew agreed they would look at a way of rerouting the supply line so that it would not be cut and could remain looping the building.

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