Prayer in Portage

2012-05-02T00:00:00Z Prayer in PortageBy Robin Wilkening Times Correspondent
May 02, 2012 12:00 am  • 

Here we are one day away from one of the most controversial days of the year.

No, I'm not talking about primary election day, next Tuesday, although those days can become pretty controversial. I'm actually talking about the National Day of Prayer. The day was designated by the United States Congress as a day when all Americans regardless of their faith are asked to come together and pray in their own way.

It is held on the first Thursday in May. A Task Force was formed to coordinate the event that is a non-governmental organization. Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the National Day of Prayer Task Force works out of a facility called Focus on the Family, a conservative Christian organization. Although the Task Force provides promotional materials and sponsors several events in keeping with the Judeo-Christian tradition, it's charter is to be tolerant of all faiths and must be able to be applied to all religions.

History of this day goes back to the days before our nation's birth. The Continental Congress issued a day of prayer in 1775, for prayer in forming a new nation.

On April 17, 1952, President Harry Truman signed a bill proclaiming the National Day of Prayer into law and in 1972, the NDP Committee was formed and later became today's Task Force. It was President Ronald Reagan who signed a bill into law making the first Thursday of May the official day.

The intention of this day was always that it would be a day when all members of every faith could come together and pray as a group of Americans.

I was raised a Christian and truly believe that prayer is a powerful thing and can be what many are needing in these troubled times. So many things have gotten a strange hold on our society and I can't help but think that it may be because we are looking in all the wrong places for security. I've always taken prayer seriously in my life. I was taught from a young age that prayer is a time for reflection, a time for contemplation and a time for forgiveness.

Look in your heart on Thursday and pray for whatever and whomever you feel compelled to pray for in this world of ours.

Mayor Snyder will be hosting a breakfast for our religious community in the morning to commemorate this National Day of Prayer and we will be praying for our city employees. There will also be a service on the front lawn of city hall at noon. Local pastors will be leading prayers for our community. The public is welcome and if you need to sit, please bring a lawn chair.

Thursday is also the Mayor's Advisory Committee on Senior Service's 12th annual Health Fair from 9 to noon at Woodland Park, 2100 Willowcreek Road. The Health Fair will host many vendors that promote and provide health care or services to senior adults.

Free health screenings, informational segments, demonstrations and opportunities to win door prizes will be provided for those who attend this event. At noon a light luncheon will be available to seniors. A presentation by Mayor James Snyder and Jonathan Nalli of Porter Regional Hospital will be given at the lunch. Comfort Keepers also will be giving an award to the Most Vital Senior. This event is free to the public. For more information, call Pam at Portage Parks Department at (219) 762-1675.

See to your health and have a blessed day!

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