Morgan Township trio's fun in snow ends in several rescues

2014-01-06T17:19:00Z 2014-01-07T19:27:44Z Morgan Township trio's fun in snow ends in several rescuesJoyce Russell, (219) 762-1397, ext. 2222

MORGAN TOWNSHIP | Jon Wittmer, his brother Josh and friend Scott Snider went out for an afternoon of fun Sunday, riding their snowmobiles through the country.

The trio ended up rescuing some eight people stranded in cars, including a man with a heart condition.

The rescues started when Mike Iohse, president of the Morgan Township Volunteer Fire Department, became stuck himself while trying to help another stranded motorist about 4:15 p.m. Sunday on Division Road between Ind. 49 and County Road 325 East. After waiting and finding that help wasn't coming, said Iohse, he called Wittmer.

Jon Wittmer, 22, a senior at Purdue University; Josh, 16, a junior at Morgan Township High School and Snider, a sophomore at Purdue, came to their rescue.

"That's how we first got on the hunt, looking for people," said Jon Wittmer.

Included in the rescue was a man who had decided to go to church, despite a recommendation otherwise by his family. The man got stuck in a drift, said Michele Grubl, whose family first went out to find them. Then they got stuck.

Grubl said they called 911, but were told they were out of luck.

Then came the trio to the rescue.

"They were rescuing people all down Division," said Grubl.

"We don't like to leave people who are in need. We were compelled to help people out," he said, adding one car was buried so deep, they had to rescue the driver from the passenger side of the vehicle.

Wittmer said the event also got their adrenalin pumping, especially with the zero visibility and frigid weather. The three were out for about four hours helping others before they called it a night.

"There were times when we though we wouldn't be able to make it home ourselves," said Wittmer, who spent Monday at a more sedate, yet as strenuous activity, shoveling his driveway.

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