Sunday Coupon Savings

The total coupon savings in The Times Sunday paper in 2017.

You might notice we highlight the coupon values on the front page most Sundays.

Today, you can save $234 if you use all of the grocery store coupons. We highlight it so you know to look for the inserts as you go right to your favorite sections for Sunday reading.

That’s a big value, but it’s doubtful anyone uses all of the coupons. A few, maybe? If so, that’s where this becomes interesting.

Use just a few, and you can get back the cost of the Sunday paper. Use a few more, and you can get back the cost of a week’s worth of papers.

Use a handful each and every week, and you might just get back the cost of your entire subscription.

We’ve taken an extra step this year to update the savings week after week. So far, in the fourth month, your Sunday paper has included nearly $4,000 in coupon savings. Imagine that.

These updates, showing a cash register with a new total, are sent out through our social media channels on Saturdays.

I bring this up occasionally when readers call about the cost of the paper or a price increase.

“I don’t use the coupons because there’s nothing I need,” one reader said last week.

Really? I see some pretty common products advertised regularly.

Most readers, however, have clearly not even thought about this potential savings. And that’s why I raise awareness early this year as the values add up.

At this rate, there will be more than $10,000 in coupon savings in the Sunday Times in 2017. Amazing, isn’t it.

Featured speaker

We’re looking forward to welcoming Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill to the Region on Thursday.

He’s a featured speaker at our World Civility Day dinner at Avalon Manor in Hobart.

The dinner is the signature event of a day that will include civility-themed and community workshops at the Indiana Welcome Center.

Community Civility Counts, which started with the Gary Chamber of Commerce and grew in a partnership with The Times Media Co., came up with the name World Civility Day for its first anniversary celebration last April.

It stuck, and this year’s second event is attracting visitors from at least 14 states and six nations. Our visitors will see some of the best of Northwest Indiana through the various presentations at the workshops — and from the performances and award presentations at the dinner.

If you’d like to join us for the workshops and/or the dinner, please order your tickets Monday or Tuesday by calling the Gary Chamber at 219-885-7407.

There’s no event like this anywhere in the country, and you don’t have to travel far to participate.

Thanks for reading us. Please contact me with any questions about The Times or our many publications.

Bob Heisse is editor of The Times Media Co. He can be reached at (219) 933-3327 or



Bob is editor of The Times Media Co. He started in Northwest Indiana in April 2014 following stints as executive editor of The State Journal-Register in Springfield, Ill., and The Centre Daily Times in State College, Pa.