We do not want the Illiana tollway to be built in Northwest Indiana.

Six years ago, our family moved to Lowell. A dream of ours was to move to the country, have acreage and a beautiful home. We are now well established and have our property as we have always dreamed.

We recently found out our home will be affected and possibly demolished for the Illiana. Interstate 65 is already half a mile east of the front of our house. The Illiana would be just as close or closer to us.

There are concerns about the proposed tollway: environmental, farms, wetlands, nature preserves will be destroyed. Property values will go down. It will no longer be peaceful country living.

If this is such a needed highway, why does it have to be a toll road?

If there is such a need for more roads, expanding Ind. 10 and improving the Borman Expressway is sensible and will be more economical.

Please let us enjoy our homes and lifestyle in peace.

- Jill and Adam Ritchey, Lowell