After watching the news on TV recently, I just have to write this comment. Who is Jesse Jackson Jr. and why this preferential treatment?

He may get probation? Oh, my God! Anyone else would go to jail (for sure), as have Blago, Ryan, etc.

His wife too, they'll overlook her because he's to receive the punishment for both of them. I am so irate and disappointed in this society and its picking and choosing who receives their wrath.

Why aren't the news media hounding him and his family? Where's the equality, or does Daddy control that? Money can buy anything, can't it? We all know how badly he wanted that U.S. Senate seat from Blago and what he would have done.

He's been running and hiding for a long time now. Poor Jesse. Poor us. How do we stop the games?

- Donna Wiening, Calumet City