I would like to thank the 911 responders who came to my house in Lansing on Nov. 10.

My wife of 49 years had a very serious vertigo attack. She could not even walk. My son dialed 911, and a young policeman was here in minutes. He was able to calm my wife down.

Soon the paramedics arrived. I'm so proud of their professional training and how they checked all of her vital signs and recommended she go to the hospital.

At Community, they found out her arteries to the heart were clogged. She had two surgeries to clean them plus a stent in her neck artery.

Those young professional men gave me the greatest Christmas gift in the world to me —  my wife healthy today.

Our mayor, police chief and fire chief should be proud of our 911 responders. Again, thank you.

- John R. Newhouse, Lansing