Taking note of Roy Roddy's congratulating President Barack Obama on his excellent diplomacy on his mission to remove Syria's chemical weapons, I marvel at how both left and right embrace their political favorites and extol them for their "marvelous deeds."

Roddy is one of few in the United States who sees the Syrian outcome that way. Generally, neither right nor left believe Obama was acting on any principle greater than desperately trying to get out of a jam.

Secretary of State John Kerry made an offhand remark that "Syria would have to give up their chemical weapons or face military attack." No mention of ceding chemical weapons had been made to this point.

Obama and Putin jumped on this remark like a dung beetle on a cowpile. He saved face as he was on the verge of losing a congressional vote on military action, and any attack on Syria would have to be done on his own.

Obama bumbled into a cesspool and came out smelling like a rose. Serendipity!

- Carl Robinson, Chesterton