A while back I wrote about the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles charging $10 extra, without telling you, to renew your plates at the emissions testing facility. They tell you now about the charge.

But here is the latest BMV rip-off. If you need a new license plate because yours got smashed or lost), you now have to fill out a special form at the BMV and pay an additional $10 for the metal plate.

Many of us have to pull a trailer to haul equipment for work, and while on the site, or while unloading the machinery to simply cut your own grass, the plate can get bent or mutilated.

I am sure that most boat owners have smashed a plate while loading or unloading a boat.

Actual plates used to be issued every year. Now we get cheaper stickers, yet the price we pay for those stickers is a lot more than we used to pay for an actual plate.

Should we be required to pay more money for an actual license plate?

- Darren Clauss, Valparaiso