So GOP Sen. Marco Rubio took a drink of water during his State of the Union response. So what?

It's no secret that many Democrats regard Rubio and his message as a danger to their party and so, like bloodthirsty wolves, they and their media pals use the trivial water bottle incident to mock Rubio and damage his credibility. No open, honest debate with his arguments; that would only expose the vicious leftists' poverty of ideas.

So what is there to fear about Rubio? He is a young, handsome, articulate Cuban-American who worked himself up from near poverty and achieved the American Dream by hard work, not government handouts. He is living proof of the greatness of America's traditional, middle-class values -- conservative values most all of us share, whether you realize it or not.

No wonder the progressive left fears him.

- Larry Rapchak, Whiting