House Bill 1334, now being considered by the Indiana Senate, would, among other things, prohibit automatic payroll deductions for any part of a teacher’s union dues that are used for political activity.

As these automatic payroll deductions cost school corporations and taxpayers absolutely nothing, and as eliminating them would save absolutely nothing, this can be seen as nothing but a direct attack on unions, without even the usual ancillary excuses of “saving taxpayers money” or “doing what’s right for the kids.”

Please contact Sen. Dennis Kruse, chairman of the Senate Education Committee (317) 233-0930,, and your senator (either Lonnie Randolph (800-382-9467,, Frank Mrvan (317-232-9432, or Earline Rogers (317-232-9526

Ask them to not support this bill. And let them know we will not support them if they are willing to carry out such direct attacks on teachers and union members in Indiana.

- Daniel Brugioni, English teacher, Gary