The first map features numbers for children younger than one aggregated from 2010-2014, which is the latest data available. The second map features numbers aggregated from 2011-2015.

Between 2010-2014, Indiana had 417,909 live births. Of that, 3,020 infants younger than 1 died.

Between 2011-2015, Indiana had 418,050 live births. Of that, 3,003 infants younger than 1 died.

KEY: Number of Deaths

Blue: 0-10

Green: 11-20

Gray: 21-60

Orange 61-190

Red: 191+

(Source: Indiana State Department of Health, Epidemiology Resource Center, Data Analysis Team)

Infant Mortality by County 2010-2014

Infant Mortality by County 2011-2015

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