Dr. Bethany Cataldi’s Individual Approach Tailored to Patients’ Unique Needs

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Dr. Bethany Cataldi’s Center for Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC was established in Northwest Indiana to offer the region comprehensive ear, nose, and throat surgical services as well as the most advanced and innovative Facial Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Enhancement procedures. Dr. Cataldi’s mission is to offer the highest degree of Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery services focusing on compassionate patient care and a distinctive “one-to-one” physician-patient relationship.

Located in Munster, Indiana, Bethany A. Cataldi, D.O., the owner and surgeon at Center for Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery, LLC says that understanding a patient as a “whole person” is critical for patient care. “My philosophy in treating a patient is that treatment should be directed at treating not only the disease or pathology but should also take into consideration any social, environmental, and familial factors that may affect the patient’s care. Consequently, I personally spend as much time as necessary with each patient in my practice to try to assess how such factors might be impacting or could impact a patient’s health,” says Dr. Cataldi.


As an otolaryngologist—a surgeon specially trained in the care of the ears, nose, and throat—Dr. Cataldi performs specialized surgical procedures and treatments for both adults and children, including sinus and nasal disorders; head and neck cancer; tonsil and adenoid surgery; chronic ear infections; rhinoplasty (nasal reconstruction); surgical treatment and correction for sleep apnea and snoring; vocal cord surgery and treatment of voice disorders; hearing loss assessment; and balance disorders.


Dr. Cataldi warns that at the first sign “when an individual doesn’t feel quite right” it is important that they see a physician. She notes that she has witnessed an increase in the number of patients with serious disorders of the ears, nose, or throat who have waited to see her or another physician, and in doing so have put themselves further at risk by delaying necessary diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, those patients who have chosen to wait in getting treatment frequently require more serious and oftentimes more invasive surgical procedures that might have been prevented had they been diagnosed and treated sooner.

“It is critical that individuals with persistent coughing and/or hoarseness in their throat, or are experiencing sinus pain or having difficulty breathing or sleeping should consider being evaluated by an otolaryngologist. I advise my patients that prevention is a cornerstone to healthy living and that prevention includes seeing the proper ear, nose, and throat specialist at the first sign of trouble,” Dr. Cataldi says.


While she is indeed one of Northwest Indiana’s most accomplished ear, nose, and throat surgeons, Dr. Cataldi is also one of the area’s most preeminent and noted surgeons in the specialty of Facial Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Enhancement procedures. As the region’s only facial plastic surgeon who has undergone extensive training specializing exclusively in facial plastic surgical procedures, Dr. Cataldi focuses on a unique ‘one to one’ approach when it comes to patient care.

“When discussing any mini face-lift or wrinkle reduction procedures, rather than speaking broadly to large groups of potential candidates in a seminar setting, I prefer to direct my attention to and evaluate what each individual needs in a private and open dialogue to address each patient’s specific and unique concerns,” she explains. “My experience has shown that an honest “one-to-one” approach with patients is best when it comes to cosmetic procedures, and it is clearly evident in 
the results.”


As the only female facial plastic surgeon in the region, Dr. Cataldi is especially in tune with the issues of beauty and aesthetics from a decidedly female perspective requested by her patients.

“Aesthetically speaking, I believe that a female surgeon will have a different approach to cosmetic surgery and a different perspective about cosmetic surgery that she can share with her patients—a perspective that is genuinely “feminine and natural.” For example with my patients, I take the time to assess their skin texture and how they would wear their hair and makeup, and address the features that the individual should highlight or minimize based on a woman’s aesthetic perspective. As a female facial plastic surgeon, I understand the interplay between hair, makeup, and one’s physical features as well as how most patients want to still look like themselves, but only better. As a woman, I am confident that I can provide my patients with a uniquely female perspective that a male surgeon could never provide,” says 
Dr. Cataldi.


Evaluating each patient’s own expectations is something Dr. Cataldi takes very seriously. “It’s my privilege to be able to help them achieve their aesthetic goals,” says Dr. Cataldi, “I always look at the process as a journey that a patient and I will take together, so we need to be on the same page as far as what is achievable and what is not through the services I can provide them.”

Dr. Cataldi is especially noted for her wonderfully natural-looking mini face-lifts, full face-lifts, and neck-lifts that go far in tightening the musculature of the face. But she cautions individuals considering the procedure not to be swayed by guaranteed results or overpromises issued in clever advertising.

“Mini face-lifts are quite popular now and many cosmetic surgeons are performing them. The procedure has many different names used for marketing purposes such as ‘lunchtime lift,’ ‘weekend lift’ and ‘lifestyle lift’. All of these names are essentially describing the same procedure—a minimally invasive face-lift whereby the superficial outer layer of skin is lifted, trimmed, and tightened by way of an incision around and behind the ear. However, it’s very important that prospective patients understand that because this procedure involves an incision where sutures are required and are typically in place for seven to ten days to ensure optimal results, it typically takes longer than a “weekend” for complete healing,” Dr. Cataldi says.

She adds, “I have been performing this procedure for many years, and I’m always impressed by the years that a mini-lift can take away when it is performed on an ideal candidate. The recovery time is rather minimal following the procedure and the results can be striking. However, it’s critical that candidates understand that the nature of facial plastic surgery makes it rather impossible to promise that he or she will look a definite number of years younger following the procedure. Results are certainly nuanced and subjective, and a plastic surgeon overpromising results is not being forthcoming with a patient.”

In order to provide the most dramatic yet natural-looking surgical results, Dr. Cataldi may use innovative and effective combinations of procedures on a patient. For example, she has performed mini-face lifts in conjunction with subsequent facial laser resurfacing and/or injectable fillers to yield very impressive results.

Dr. Cataldi also frequently performs blepharoplasty, a surgical procedure that entails the tightening the upper or lower eyelid skin, as well as rhinoplasty, otoplasty (a cosmetic surgery procedure to change the appearance of a patient’s external ears) and skin cancer and skin lesion surgery.

She also regularly performs non-invasive cosmetic enhancement procedures such as the applications of chemical peels, as well as Restylane®, Juvederm™, and Botox® that help reduce the visible effects of aging.


“The impact of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic enhancements on a patient is great,” says Dr. Cataldi. “Overall it helps improve one’s self confidence, one’s self esteem, and gives one a better quality of life. My ultimate goal in treating a patient is for a result that looks as natural as possible. Many of my patients are referred from other satisfied patients, and I try to put all of them at ease. An ideal candidate for cosmetic procedures is a patient who is realistic about what aesthetic improvements we can achieve. We’re on a journey together, and I want them to be happy at the end of it.”


Consequently, when it comes to treating her patients, Dr. Cataldi is a strong advocate of the benefits of technology in treating her patients. “I have an array of advanced technology that I use such as direct image-aided endoscopy, which can diagnose chronic throat and nose symptoms, so patients can benefit greatly from these procedures to confirm diagnosis,” says Dr. Cataldi.

In the Facial Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Rejuvenation component of her practice, Dr. Cataldi has found that laser resurfacing—specifically Fraxel Laser—is an exceptional way to rejuvenate skin that has endured years of sun damage and changes brought about by aging. Studies have also shown that the procedure can stimulate collagen production.


Having grown up in the area, Dr. Cataldi’s background is highlighted by a family history of medical care in the Northwest Indiana region, establishing her dedication to family and promoting the health and quality of life of her patients. “I suppose that medicine is in my DNA as well as in my siblings’ DNA. My father is Dr. William Cataldi, a family practice physician in Northwest Indiana over 35 years who I’m proud to say is my inspiration and role model as a physician and a person. My younger sister, Dr. Nicole Cataldi is an obstetrics and gynecology physician in Crown Point. The Northwest Indiana region has been home to our family for nearly three decades, and I am proud to be able to continue a family tradition of serving our community,” she says.


Dr. Cataldi’s heightened level of care for her patients is frequently demonstrated by their goodwill in recommending her exceptional skills to others. “My practice has been able to sustain in great part due to the wonderful support of my patients and the generous support of my referring physicians. I am grateful that existing patients will refer friends or family who have ear, nose, or throat or cosmetic surgery needs to me. For individuals to direct other people they know to my office with their confidence that I will provide exceptional care for their patient, family member, or friend is very moving. I am committed to providing my services to the communities of Northwest Indiana to ensure that its residents are as healthy as possible. I am of the firm belief that a healthier patient contributes to a healthier Northwest Indiana, and as an Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic surgeon, I’d like to do my part to see that a healthy Northwest Indiana continues on its path of growth and progress for the years ahead. As a matter of fact, it’s my privilege to do so,” Dr. Cataldi says.

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