Interventional Radiology services = less pain, faster recovery

2013-02-17T00:00:00Z Interventional Radiology services = less pain, faster recovery
February 17, 2013 12:00 am

In addition to xray, bone scan, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, PET and ultrasound, interventional radiology plays a significant role in the diagnosing of cancer. Interventional Radiology departments of Franciscan Alliance’s northern Indiana hospitals offer board-certified physicians who use advanced technology to perform a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options that include:

Vascular Interventional

* Diagnostic peripheral, visceral and neuroangiography

* Peripheral atherectomy, cryoplasty thrombolysis

* Balloon angioplasty and covered and non-covered stent placement

* Mesenteric and renal angioplasty and stenting

* Retrieval of intravascular foreign body

Venous Interventional

* IVC filter placement

* Chest and arm port insertion

* Non-tunneled and tunneled central venous catheter placement

* Venous thrombolysis for DVT

* Venography

* Port checks

Dialysis Care

* Temporary and permanent dialysis catheter placement

* Complex dialysis access

* Mechanical and pharmacologic thrombolysis of dialysis grafts and fistulae

* Diagnostic imaging of fistulas and grafts

GI Interventional

* Ultrasound and CT guided biopsy of all sites

* Percutaneous trans hepatic cholangiogram

* Percutaneous biliary drainage and stenting

* Trans jugular intrahepatic portal systemic shunt

* Percutaneous abscess drainage

* Coil embolization of upper and lower GI bleeding

GU Interventional

* Uterine fibroid embolization

* Percutaneous nephrostomy and ante grade stent placement

* Coil embolization of varicoceles

Skeletal Interventional

* Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty for treatment of compression fractures

* Bone biopsy

Interventional Oncology

* Preoperative embolization of renal tumors

* Pleurex catheter placement

* Cry ablation of tumors

* Chemoembolization

* Radio frequency ablation

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