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November 03, 2013 4:23 pm

Where can you find all the latest trends in group exercise and the advantage of certified, degreed quality professionals to help you achieve your optimum health? Community Hospital Fitness Pointe® in Munster is the medically-based fitness facility that combines a variety of effective wellness programs and services with highly qualified staff.

“Fitness Pointe® was built to complement the efforts of Community Hospital to improve the quality of life in Northwest Indiana through disease prevention and health promotion,” said Roger Vogie, Fitness Pointe director. “We’re proud that Fitness Pointe has been voted Best Health and Fitness Club in the Region for 2013 by Times readers. It shows that our team is working hard to help residents embrace health and wellness and live healthier lives.”

New members have the advantage of their own personalized, private orientation which provides a non-intimidating introduction to Fitness Pointe. Degreed exercise specialists will design a workout program based on goals, fitness level and past experiences. Members may see an exercise specialist for complimentary re-evaluation or a new program at any time.

Special group workout classes are offered for the new exerciser. These classes move at a slower pace and are shorter so new exercisers feel comfortable and have success from their first experience.

At Fitness Pointe, you’ll find state-of-the-art equipment: cardio machines with iPod ports and individual cable television monitors, strength-training and free-weight equipment, two pools, full service locker areas and a variety of weekly group exercise classes. You’ll also find a friendly, knowledgeable team of dietitians, life coaches, degreed exercise physiologists, and nationally certified personal trainers and group fitness instructors.

“Degreed and/or certified fitness professionals help clients begin, maintain, and progress with their health and fitness programs,” explains Debi Pillarella, MEd, CPT, education/fitness program manager of Fitness Pointe.

More than 90 weekly group exercise classes are free to members. Classes include group instruction in aqua aerobics, yoga, tai chi and Pilates. Traditional strength training and step classes are also available, as well as the hottest dance fitness trend, Zumba and more.

Non-members can enjoy taking classes thru the “Class Pass” program that allows admittance into a select number of group classes at a special rate.

Nationally credentialed personal trainers provide something for everyone. Private workout sessions may be the answer to getting acclimated to the general workout environment. Sessions are available for members and non-members. Fitness and metabolic testing also are offered to both members as well as non-members.

Fitness Pointe is one of the only Northwest Indiana medical fitness facilities with no annual contracts. Members pay month to month, and may take a personal leave of absence of up to four months during a calendar year, should they need time away.

Community Hospital Fitness Pointe is located at 9950 Calumet Avenue in Munster. For more information about membership, programs and services call 219-924-5348 or visit

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