Barre Fitness: A Ballet-Inspired Workout

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February 19, 2014 6:30 am  • 

If you’ve ever coveted the long, lean physique of a dancer, barre workouts are designed to help achieve just that.

Based on traditional ballet movements, barre classes have been popular with celebrities for some time and barre studios began opening up in big cities throughout the country in the past decade. Now, thanks to a new studio opening in Chesterton called M.O.M.s Method, Northwest Indiana women can give this new craze a try.

The studio has been offering classes since mid-January and teaches what owner Orlee Glazer calls “Mind Over Matter Studio Method,” or M.O.M.s Method, a method she designed to benefit women of all stages in their lives.

Glazer explains, “M.O.M.s Method is a technique that I’ve formulated that combines the best from ballet, Pilates and barre with stretching and conditioning.”

Professionally trained in ballet, Glazer became interested in barre fitness after she took a class in New York City with a friend. She ultimately earned her certification to teach barre classes. When Glazer, a Maryland native, moved to Northwest Indiana, she discovered the closest barre classes were offered in Chicago and decided to open her own studio in Chesterton.

Set to up-beat music, the studio’s hour-long class focuses on isometric or small movements, isolating one muscle at a time, followed by stretching to lengthen the muscle. The workout focuses on all parts of the body, with an emphasis on core strength, and participants keep moving the entire time.

“This is the type of class that energizes you for the day,” Glazer says. In addition to the muscular benefits, “you are getting some cardiovascular benefits because your heart rate will go up and down as you go through the movements.”

Glazer says she not only sees the benefits of the lengthening, strengthening and tightening of the body from barre workouts, but added that clients often tell her how energizing, invigorating and motivating the workout is as well.

Client Amy Morgan shared on the studio’s Facebook page, “Thank you ladies for the wonderful class today. Even 8 months pregnant and the burn was energizing.”

Master Instructor at M.O.M.s Method in Chesterton, Elizabeth Mazepa, agrees, “After each class, your entire body will feel truly worked. You'll feel stretched, lengthened and invigorated. It truly will give you a ‘barre high.’”

Women of all fitness levels are welcome at Glazer’s studio. Because the studio is the first of its kind in Northwest Indiana, many of the students are new to the workout and workouts can be modified to fit each student’s ability.

Students often wear yoga pants and a t-shirt, but nothing too baggy so instructors can help correct form. In addition, socks are required in the studio and a special sock to help with grip when doing movements can be purchased at the studio. All other equipment, including the light weights used during the workout, is provided.

With this new studio, Glazer hopes to help women achieve their goals—whether it’s just to get out of the house, develop upper body strength or take time out of the day to take care of themselves, for example. Her motto is to “Be your better self,” whatever that goal may be.

“I really wanted to create a class that’s not only beneficial for your body, but also for your mind,” Glazer said. “I want our studio to inspire women to come out, to work out and to feel good about themselves.”


M.O.M.s Method

761 Indian Boundary Rd, Ste 5, Chesterton, Ind.


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