Baum's offers spa-inspired weight loss treatments

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Losing weight can be a long process and often involves eating better and exercising. But a local store is making weight loss more interesting by offering unique methods to help shed the pounds.

More than one-third of Americans are now considered obese, but more unique products and services are reaching out to overweight men and women.

Baum’s Natural Foods offers a host of services that make customers feel like they’re taking a day at the spa, but when they leave, feel like they’re on the right track to losing weight.

The Suddenly Slimmer Body Wrap, for example, detoxifies the body using a mineral body wrap. It’s a service offered at the Munster location, and clients often walk out 10 to 30 inches slimmer. Clients are guaranteed a loss of at least six inches during the first wrap.

“It’s a popular product, but there are a lot of people out there who don’t know it exists,” said Amiee Boswinkle, salesperson at the Munster store.

Although it produces immediate results, the inch loss can last if the client stays proactive with it, she said.

“We’re actually hydrating the body with minerals,” she said. “Some people thing you shouldn’t drink water afterward, but we encourage you to drink plenty of water.”

Many of her clients have kept the inches off for years, she said.

Another product, called CLA, naturally supports antioxidant activity and regulate metabolism.

“It’s a good fatty acid that helps to rid the body of the bad fat and replaces it with good fat,” Boswinkle said. “It’s specifically for the mid-section, and in the process, creates inch loss.”

The product comes in soft gel form and is taken on a daily basis, she said.

Enjoy a sauna? Baum’s offers an infrared sauna service in its wellness center that helps clients burn calories and detoxify their bodies at the same time.

“In just 30 minutes, you can burn up to 600 calories,” Boswinkle said. “Not only is it good for metabolism, but it’s really good for weight loss and energy gain.”

Unlike a conventional sauna, Boswinkle says, 80 percent heats someone internally and only 20 percent heats the air.

“What that means is it’s still hot like a sauna, but it’s much easier to breathe,” she said.

The infrared sauna also penetrates the skin about an inch and a half deeper than a traditional sauna – enhancing whole body detoxification.

Other tools to check out that can help someone lose weight include green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones, which are helpful for boosting metabolism and burning fat, Boswinkle said.

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