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HIGHLAND — Munster resident Kelly Wakefield said she never took an organized fitness class until an indoor cycling studio, Just Pedal, opened up near her house.

“I’ve have been going since they opened. I love it. They are so positive and motivating,” Wakefield said. “I was a stay-at-home mom for 16 years. I went back to work, the studio is close to home — I just fell in love with it.”

Just Pedal, located at 2028 45th St. in Highland, is the only free-standing, boutique indoor cycling studio in Lake County. It is designed for students to check in, clip in, ride and go about their day.

“We are on board with the ‘new year, new you’ philosophy,” manager Kim Wilkinson said. “The instructors are motivating and super positive — all of them have been teaching for some time. They know how to read the room and make class encouraging and fun.”

The studio opened Nov. 18 and is open seven days a week. Classes are 45 minutes.

“We want you go at your own pace. Our instructors are here to push you past your comfort zone but not to break you. They try to help people reach their goals,” Wilkinson said.

The cycling room itself comfortably fits 30 Keiser M3i bikes. Each bike has a complimentary towel as well as a console that gives students the option of creating a profile. Each section of bikes has a large screen assigned to it that hangs from the ceiling. This is so students can monitor their speed and distance throughout the class. If the student doesn’t feel comfortable having their information displayed on the screen, when class is finished an email will be sent to the student with a summary of their statistics.

“I was worried I wouldn’t keep up, but you can adjust to where you are. By the third and fourth class I could tell my endurance was so much better,” Wakefield said.

Every bike is assigned a number. You can reserve your bike through Just Pedal’s website, the studio’s app or on the iPad station inside the studio. Once you check in, you can retrieve your complimentary cycling shoes, located in the cubby assigned to your bike number.

“Cycling shoes keep your posture and feet positioned and aligned properly. It also improves your push-pedal movement, which helps you push from the heel as opposed from the toes. Pushing from the heel engages your glutes, quads and hamstrings,” said Mandy Knight, an instructor at Just Pedal.

Bikes are compatible with SPD cleats only.

“Class can always be tailored — we tell people, ‘As long as you’re moving your legs it doesn’t matter. You are doing more than you did yesterday.’ Walking through the door is the hardest step,” Knight said.

Although the studio doesn’t have showers, it has changing rooms that are stocked with high-end amenities, including blow dryers and hair straighteners. Lockers are available but students must bring their own lock. The studio offers complimentary water and fresh fruit before and after each class.

Drop-in rate for a single class is $15. Just Pedal has a number of specials to kick off the new year, such as three classes for $39, which expires 30 days from purchase, and six classes for $69 that expires 45 days after purchase. It also offers student and military discounts.

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