Keeping a fitness journal or using an app are great ways to record health and fitness progress. 

Jessica deKock

Most people bring their phone everywhere, so they might as well use it to improve a workout or track running miles.

If you are having trouble choosing which apps to try, the majority of local fitness experts recommend MyFitnessPal.

“Many of my clients use MyFitnessPal to log their food and workouts and have access to many educational articles,” said Kate Fairbairn, an ACE certified trainer at Community Hospital's Fitness Pointe. “What I like about it is, it is easy to use and goals can be adapted for each client.”

MyFitnessPal has more than 5 million foods, a barcode nutrition scanner and a recipe importer. The app helps users track food intake and exercise. The basic version is free and the premium is $9.99 per month.

Audrey Luckey, clinical dietitian at Regency Hospital in East Chicago, said MyFitnessPal seems to get the best reviews.

“Anything that you can enter your own serving size or nutrient connect for foods is a plus so you aren't at the mercy of their database,” Luckey saud.

Mara Magnavite, personal trainer and co-owner of MB TwinFit, said MyFitnessPal can be eye-opening for users.

“With the food tracking feature, it programs how many servings you’ve had so it’s good in that it opens up your eyes to your diet whether you’ve always tracked your food or not at all.”

Magnavite also likes the Fitbit app.

“I like that it tells you how much sleep you are getting. It tells you how many times you are awake or just restless. So many of our clients don’t sleep much and sleep helps with weight loss and recovery. As you work out you should be sleeping better and by using that app, clients can see that.”

Julia Ladewski, strength coach, trainer and consultant, said another app worth trying is Sworkit.

“This one offers strength, cardio and stretching workouts based on what you want to do and how much time you have,” Ladewski said. “Videos are included, which is a bonus. It can be good for the person who needs something on the go or just something different from their normal routine.”

Sworkit stands for “Simply Work It.” It has more than 200 types of equipment-free exercises and a specialized app for kids. The app combines interval training with randomized exercises to prevent your body from getting used to a specific routine. The “Lite” is free and the “Pro” is $4.99 per month.