Hartsfield Village's community atmosphere

2013-12-18T12:34:00Z Hartsfield Village's community atmosphere
December 18, 2013 12:34 pm

Hartsfield Village Continuing Care Retirement Community is truly a community, uniquely designed for the well-being of its residents and dedicated to celebrating the full continuum of life. From individuals who wish to maintain their independence to couples planning for worry-free years to come, to seniors who already would appreciate a little assistance, Hartsfield Village offers thoughtful, professional support in every level of care.

The Assisted Living neighborhood at not-for-profit Hartsfield Village is a welcoming community for people who are able to maintain their independence while receiving some assistance with everyday tasks.

“We want to believe we will be completely independent for the rest of our days, but often we realize we need help with some everyday tasks,” says Kevin Orze, Director of Marketing and Sales. “Someone may be doing quite well, yet need help with such things as meal preparation, stairs that are difficult to manage, or keeping track of medications.”

Beautiful campus

Hartsfield Village Assisted Living makes transitioning from a family home to a private apartment in a neighborly community a welcome plan for residents and their families. There are one- and two-bedroom apartments and studios, located in a scenic, 38-acre campus right in Munster, and staffed around the clock with quality nursing care for those residents in need of health care assistance. As an Indiana state licensed residential care community, Hartsfield meets or exceeds the standards required by this highly regulated industry. As a not-for-profit, revenue is reinvested for the betterment of Hartsfield Village and its residents. High standards combined with a wonderfully professional and caring staff are why Hartsfield Assisted Living Community enjoys a reputation for excellence.

Assisted living services allow residents to maintain the highest level of independence possible, so important for people as they age. And residents are relieved to know there won’t be a sudden major move if a medical issue arises. “If someone needs to move unexpectedly to a skilled nursing level of care, what senior citizen wants to go through all the upheaval of a major move in a crisis situation?”

Choosing independence

Orze has compassion for people who have lived a long time in their homes and are reluctant to leave their neighborhood. “Many people love the memories associated with their home, and they feel comfortable there. Yet they start worrying about things, like security -- ‘What if I hear a noise at 2 in the morning?’ Maybe the neighborhood isn’t as safe as it used to be. And so often, their longtime neighbors aren’t there anymore.”

Socializing can become difficult, too. “Lots of folks don’t like to drive at night or during the winter -- and that can leave them with the feeling of being trapped in their own home.” Yet as people age, socializing remains just as important. Hartsfield Assisted Living Community offers the choice to socialize every day, if the resident wishes. Orze recalls a woman who was active and liked to go places, but it had become more difficult. “I explained that she can continue to enjoy staying involved with others. Last Christmas we took our residents to high tea at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. They loved it! They may not have been able to go if they had been still living in their own home.”

‘Living Wise, Living Well’

Planning ahead can be the most important thing for seniors to do to ensure life continues to be fulfilling. “There are a lot of circumstances that make planning ahead really important for peace of mind,” says Orze. For residents in Hartsfield Assisted Living Community, a fall, a health crisis, anything requiring assistance, doesn’t have to mean making hurried, stressful decisions. And 24-hour- a-day professional and caring nursing staff is there whenever it’s needed.

Assisted Living residents also have the benefit of a wellness program that focuses on their level of activity. Often a fall, issues with balance, or neuropathies can make seniors tend to withdraw because they don’t want to risk anything. “That’s where our wellness program helps residents so much, improving their physical health and their brightness of mood. There’s yoga, stretch classes, even Wii bowling, with a big screen seniors stand in front of and simulate the movement of the bowling ball with minimal physical effort. Our wellness program is proactive, easily available, and fun.”

The goal is to keep residents as independent as possible, enjoying life without the worry of cooking, cleaning, and maintenance. “Some are here for many years and remain very active and independent. Some may eventually benefit from more assistance, which we provide. It’s comforting to have that continuity and that plan in place, so they maintain neighbors and friends and a lifestyle.”

It’s easy to see why Hartsfield’s motto is “Living Well, Living Wise.”


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