Dr. Nancy Trimboli discusses the misconceptions and benefits of Chiropractic care

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Chiropractic can provide helpful treatments for many medical ailments, from ear infections to headaches to back problems.  Dr. Nancy Trimboli of Trimboli Chiropractic shares some insights she has learned since opening her own clinic in Munster in 1993.

Q: What are the most common reasons people look to the chiropractic profession for pain relief as opposed to their physician, physical therapist, etc?

A: I believe people are looking for a better way. Most people understand that the medication does not fix the underlying cause, plus that there is short term and, more dangerous, long term side effects. Surgery is expensive, daunting, with no guarantee of success. If you can fix your problem without drugs, why wouldn’t you? A healthier nation means we free ourselves from unnecessary drugs.

Q: What are some misconceptions about the chiropractic industry?

A: The medical profession has become much more accepting of alternative care. Weekly, we make referrals to medical doctors and receive referrals from medical doctors. Many people have the misconception that Chiropractic is only wrenching and twisting. This is not true. Some techniques use about as much pressure as you would use to ring a door bell. When you are adjusted in my office there is no popping or twisting type adjustments unless you request that technique. Many people, after their first adjustment with us, say something to the effect of, “That was it? That was easy!”

Q: What are some ways chiropractic procedures can help the everyday person feel better?

A: Chiropractic uses the power of your body’s own healing potential. Chiropractic improves sleep patterns, strengthens the immune system, and levels moods. You will be more flexible and agile in your daily life. Children perform better at school and in sports with better focus and better coordination. Families notice that their house resists the viruses and colds that plague other families.

Q: Can you explain how getting your infant or toddler adjusted can help reduce the number of ear infections they get?

A: If a misalignment of the upper neck exists, the nerves to the head, neck, eyes, ears, sinuses, jaw and face will be affected. By doing a specific spinal adjustment, we restore the proper nerve impulse. Only then can the body make positive changes for the better. Also, remember that the overuse of antibiotics is to blame for an increasing number of untreatable infections. The surgery to implant tubes often needs to be repeated.

Q: Since you opened your business, what are some of the changes you have noticed about your clientele?

A: When I first started practice in Munster in 1993, some people could not pronounce the word, “Chiropractic.” It is exciting for me to see the interest in not only Chiropractic, but also massage therapy, acupuncture, and nutritional supplements. As our health insurance world evolves, more and more of our patients come to us knowing that they get more out of their health care dollar at our office. For less than the cost of a prescription, you can get the adjustment to likely help your primary problem and also improve your sleep, mood and immune system.

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