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Jean Krapac - Cardiac Floor Nurse, Community Hospital

2014-05-06T16:37:00Z 2014-05-07T09:25:55Z Jean Krapac - Cardiac Floor Nurse, Community Hospital
May 06, 2014 4:37 pm  • 

In these days of advanced technology, often times live interaction between "homo sapiens" is almost non existent. That wasn't the case with my brief stay at Community Hospital this past week.. Despite her long 12 hour shifts, she handled all her nursing duties professionally and responsibly. Such behavior is expected by the nursing staff but not always rendered. During my

numerous hospital stays, I have often referred to hospitals as "The Promised Land," a place where patient's requests are promised but not delivered. Not so with Jean. She surpassed all my expectations. Not only did she perform her duties with celerity and attention but even went the "extra mile" to sit with me and discuss my diagnosis in a most caring manner. What touched me greatly were the "little things" she did for me. I had misplaced the book mark of the book I was reading. In a fleeting moment, she left the room and returned with one. Due to several hours of tests, I had missed two meals. Jean made sure I had a tray when I returned to my room. These unexpected little deeds truly impressed me. No doubt about it, Jean is an outstanding nurse. – Angie Gempka

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