Laureena Millender - Clinical Nurse Specialist, Methodist Hospital

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Nurse Millender is very personable, considerate and approachable. She is very thorough and takes her time, so that I was made comfortable during my procedure. – Reginna Kitching-Williams

This nurse is special because she truly care for her patients with in the hospital and private duty assignment – Carol Williams-Gordon

She area of expertise is educating. She does this in a very professional and caring manner. She is very thorough in her lectures to ensure her audience receive a complete understanding of the topic. – Michelle Tucker

Laureena's caring nature is displayed not only at work, but everywhere she goes. She is very attentive and focused when it comes to helping others. Her heart is pure, her smile is contagious, and her personality is one that makes others love to be around her. – Michelle Cooper

Nurse Millender is very carrying and compassionate. She always makes time to speak with the patients and to ensure that they are comfortable. She understands team work. Laureena always goes above and beyond. – Camishia Torry

This nurse is very dedicated and passionate about cultivating an environment that produces a positive patient experience, inlcuding patient satisfaction and patient care. – Angela Enoch

She went beyond the call of duty one day. It was asked for a CNA to get a specimen. The CNA said the nurse does that. The primary nurse was no where to be found. The CNS went to do it herself. She was an exceptional Nurse that day. – Carla Swopes

When I think of Laureena Millender as a nurse, the word special definitely comes to mind but there is a plethora of vocabulary that can be used to describe this amazing lady of service. When you read her biography you realize that she is an inspiration. Following her dreams of becoming a nurse since childhood, her journey shows younger individuals aspiring to join the field of nursing that no matter what the obstacles in life you can achieve your goals. With each day she works she allows her observers to see that dreams can become reality through hard work, dedication, and belief in one’s self. When you read her resume it is apparent that she is a scholar. With two undergraduate degrees, one in public health, one in nursing; and a master’s degree is nursing, Laureena shows that she a dedicated pupil to her subjects of study. She understands the importance of knowledge and how it is an essential asset to one’s professional growth and personal development. When you see her in action it becomes clear that she is a hardworking caregiver. Giving all she can to each of her patients, she makes sure that every one of them is cared for with dignity and respect. She takes the time out to put their needs first, and becomes an advocate and educator for them when needed. Laureena is tactful in her interactions with her patients on a daily basis. She is also empathetic to their feelings and the emotional entanglement that can come with being a receiver of health care. Last but certainly not least, when you have a chance to meet her personally and connect with her, you are made aware of just how impactful this woman is. Whether cheering up your day with a smile, or lifting your spirits with encouraging words, Laureena has a way of touching people’s lives that is profound and heartwarming. Her spirit is warm, her heart is giving, and the love that she spreads throughout her hospital is felt with every foot step that she takes. She leaves her mark on her patients and their families with a stamp that is not physical to the touch, but it is ethereal and forever engraved in their lives. As stated there are various literary definitions that can be used to characterize Laureena Millender as a nurse. However, it is not merely the words that make her an outstanding nurse. It is the life, the journey, the credentials, the care, and the impact; all of these things are the components that make her a unique rose in a field of blossoms and a rare gem in the field of nursing. – Eric Millender

Nurse Millender is a very knowledgable and professional in the diabeties field. She is very patient and compassionate about here patients. Her medical manners are unmatched! She is my favorite nurse in the world. If I'm ever sick I would request her at my bedside! Talk about a professional she is it! – Marlon Jackson

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