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Revitalizing lips after a cold winter

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Brutal winters take a toll not only on our souls yearning for sun and warmth but also on our skin. But while remedies for restoring faces abound, filling cosmetic and drugstore shelves, lip care often seem relegated to a small selection of lip balms. But poor lips, lacking sweat and oil glands, are even more sensitive to damage and thus deserve their own special pampering.

“Here at SpaPointe we have a Youthful Lip Treatment that is approximately 20 to 30 minutes long available by itself or it can be added to any facial,” says Toni Lozano, supervisor at SpaPointe & Hair Studio in Munster. “The treatment is very healing, especially for people who are prone to a lot of dryness and cracked lips. As an added benefit, the treatment can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines above the lip area.”

The treatment not only removes dead skin cells and replenishes moisture but also contains Retinol, a Vitamin A derivative that studies show trigger changes in the skin to make it look clearer and more youthful.

“We are offering several different treatments from the most instant and most temporary to those with longer lasting effects,” says Patti Kobe, owner of Inspire A State of Mind and Spa Concept in Valparaiso and State of Mind Salon and Spa in Crown Point.

Because lip care can also include reducing the fine lines around the mouth, Kobe says the spa offers a mini facial for the lips which creates an instant change in the firmness and plumpness of the skin.

Taking it to the next level, she also offers microdermabrasion treatments to resurface and refine the skin.

“We do these in a series of three,” says Kobe. “Some people do the whole face while others have us focus on one area. It’s a great treatment to treat smoker’s lips which are those fine lines around the mouth and to minimize pores.”

For maximum results, Kobe offers several glycolic peels which produce smoother skin texture and increase the cellular rejuvenation rate. “The deeper you peel the skin, the faster your body works to heal it,” she says.

Inspire and Spa Concept’s State of Mind make-up options for treating dry and cracked lips include the Beauty for Real line, lip glosses containing plant-derived antioxidants and marine collagens which help in regeneration and anti-aging and also plump up the lips. Lozano recommends using products such as Jane Iredale Sugar & Butter and Lip Drink.

Sidebar: Home Care for Lips

ChapStick, which was invented back in the 1880s, now has an Overnight Lip Treatment available at drugstores for around $4. It’s important when choosing a lip balm to make sure that it has an SPF of at least 15 and ingredients such as beeswax, phenol, petroleum jelly, soft paraffin, aloe and petrolatum. For super dry lips, look for camphor and menthol as well.

Drink plenty of water as hydration helps fight dryness. But keep the water inside, licking your lips, though it might make them feel less dry in the short term, but because the water quickly evaporates, it does more harm than good. And because saliva is loaded with enzymes which help break down foods, the digestive action on your lips can cause them to crack even more. Lip exfoliating products are available online and at retail stores and simple homemade exfoliating recipes abound on the Internet, many using a mixture of brown sugar, honey and Vaseline.

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