Survivor Sisters: Two women promote health through personal struggles

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Elizabeth Aguilera and Morgan Wehmer are two sisters who understand what it’s like to struggle with health issues.

It all started when Wehmer was 15 years old. During her high school years in Highland, Indiana, she suffered from severe anorexia.

“I dropped down to 113 pounds and literally looked like a skeleton. Yet, thin was the last thing I would envision when looking in a mirror,” she says. “As impractical as that sounds, it’s a feeling you didn’t ask for, and you cannot just push your thoughts to the back burner.”

Her friends, family and teachers were all very worried for her health.

“When Morgan was battling the eating disorder, I was concerned and heartbroken and made it a goal to talk to Morgan about her problem she was facing and show her she can find a way out of it,” Aguilera says.

Once Wehmar realized how her disease affected others, she began to think of positive ways to better her situation.

“I extensively researched information and studies about metabolism and eating disorders to prove to myself how negatively my body was being affected,” Wehmer says. She began a journey of personal goals to retrain her mind to allow her to gain back some healthy weight.

“Morgan had myself and my family here to help her, and she came out of it a new person," Aguilera says. "After I saw Morgan overcome that, I knew that she was a strong woman, and even though she was my little sister, she was my role model in life,”

Aguilera was able to look to Wehmer’s strength through her struggle as she dealt with her own health problems just a few years later.

Aguilera, whose husband is in the Navy, has lived in various locations due to his military career. The week before she moved home from Florida to finish her degree from Purdue Calumet, a routine physical brought some bad news. The doctor had discovered melanoma during her exam.

Since her diagnosis in August 2012, Aguilera had four surgeries and seven cancerous areas removed.

During her battle with cancer, Aguilera was able to look to her sister’s struggle for inspiration.

“I looked back and saw what my sister went through with her disease and saw how strong she was throughout mentally fighting the anorexia,” she says. “I knew that I had to be strong for my sister, after all…I am the older sister, and I wanted to be a good role model for her.”

Despite the increased challenges of dealing with a cancer diagnosis while attending classes, Aguilera decided to persevere.

“My professors and even my mother told me the best thing to do would be to drop the classes since I was flying to [the military base in Florida] to see my doctors every three weeks," she says. "I didn't drop a single class."

Both Aguilera and Wehmar have a passion for fitness and taking care of their bodies after their own personal health struggles. The sisters have started to promote a healthy lifestyle. With their organization, they hope to help people meet their lifestyle goals through making positive changes.

They post nutritional recipes and fitness programs on their website and on their Facebook page. They want to encourage the public to interact with their suggestions.

Ultimately, their goal is to dedicate their lives to helping others.

“Our goals currently are to use fitness as an outlet source to help continue to improve our own lives and the lives of others,” Aguilera says. “We are NPC competitors, certified trainers, Oh Yeah! nutrition lifestyle leaders, fitness models at Naturally Fit Agency and we are working everyday through social media sites and working events to show the public they can face their fears and still come out a stronger person.

“It is the hardest trials in life that make us who we are today. We are hoping when people see what we went through and how it has changed our lives, they will have motivation to reach their own goals.”

Visit their facebook page at

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