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June 21, 2013 12:00 am  • 

Within the older generations of men in my family, their status of health or well-being is rarely discussed.

We might worry privately about my uncle, who experiences shortness of breath a little too often. And we might take some extra care with my grandpa, who was exhibiting some early signs of dementia. Or my cousin, who seems to be sick every 2 weeks or more. But we wouldn’t ever discuss it with them directly. It was simply not done.

Perhaps this is a generational preference – to never admit weakness or stoop to seeing a doctor. Because that would mean something is wrong. And even admitting something is wrong would be akin to defeat.

But more and more, I realize that it’s very important to discuss health issues with the men in your life that you care about.

Not long ago, our family was blindsided by the news that my uncle had testicular cancer.

My uncle is the last person I would guess to have any kind of serious ailment. He has always been incredibly fit and active. He runs the 500 Festival Mini Marathon annually. He kayaks at 6:30 every morning while at his lake house. He swims, plays basketball, and no one in our family has ever beaten him at tennis.

But his father also had testicular cancer, and though he lived to the age of 83, it did take a toll on his life.

All this just goes to show that you should never take your good health for granted. Even if everything seems normal, a routine checkup or round of tests recommended by your doctor can reveal things you never knew were there.

Learn more about the health benefits of testing for men in this issue, as well as some great tips for keeping your body in its best shape through varied exercises and tools.

Sleep disorders are very common as well, not only in men but in women and children of all ages. We have new information on these sleep disorders, and how to tell if you may have one.

Let’s all be more aware of the health that we take for granted.

Until next time,

Kathleen Dorsey

Managing Editor

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