Letter from the Editor: The Common Resolution

2013-12-18T12:57:00Z Letter from the Editor: The Common ResolutionKathleen Dorsey Managing Editor nwitimes.com
December 18, 2013 12:57 pm  • 

Another year, another opportunity.

Everyone has New Years' resolutions. Lose weight, save money, clean the house, do laundry more often.

Sadly, many times these resolutions, no matter how good the intentions, get buried under the business of everyday life by the time March rolls around. And the following year, who even remembers what they resolved to do?

Let's face it, resolutions usually involve a goal or process that inspires dread. Who wants to carry on saving money when there are good dinners to eat, new movies to see, presents to buy?

So this year, I have a proposal: What if, instead of setting a specific personal goal, we all resolve to take care of ourselves?

It doesn't sound so dreadful, does it? Taking care of ourselves can encompass any number of things, from making sure we exercise to simply giving ourselves a break - and some downtime.

Often, the first problem that needs to be solved is finding a way to cure or manage pain. Many people go through life with significant, chronic pain, whether it be from migraines, joints or other systemic ailments.

Fortunately, many innovative procedures are available in Northwest Indiana to combat all manner of pains. And they don't all involve surgery.

Another type of pain that is often overlooked is psychological pain. We work so hard all year long that we scarcely remember what it's like to take a break, but as the saying goes, "All work and no play makes Katie a dull girl." Allowing your system a short break from time to time can do wonders on your overall health and make you more productive in the long run.

I know I can't wait until my next chance to relax on the beach, but even simple breaks, like a half hour spent reading and drinking a soothing cup of tea, can make a big difference.

And now that we're all resolving to take care of ourselves in the new year, we can also take care of others.

Encourage family members to take a rest, or to see a doctor about that longtime complaint. Teach children the importance of hygiene in the kitchen, and who knows - they may learn to love cooking more than they love video games.

But above all, be there for each other. Resolutions are hard, after all, and everybody's got them.

Happy New Year.

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