Long-term investment plans help acheive financial goals

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June 09, 2013 12:00 am

In order to get the most out of your vacation, you research where you want to go and then determine a plan to get there.

According to the wealth and retirement planning professionals at Oak Partners Inc., your approach to retirement – the time when you no longer have to work for money, because your money works for you – should be exactly the same.

“Times have changed and the most important thing everyone, whether they are retired or working toward retirement, needs to understand is that this is not their parents’ economy or stock market,” Oak Partners Wealth Advisor Clint Henry said. “The old rules just don’t apply anymore.”

“People are still fearful. The horrors of 08-09 still resonate in people’s minds,” Oak Partners Wealth Advisor Joe Starkey added. “As a result, we’re dealing with a much more educated client. While the market grew slowly over the last few years, it has reached all time highs this year. When we meet new clients for the first time, they tell us they want to work with someone who will communicate with them, someone they can trust with a strong reputation in the industry and the community. Many of our clients, who begin working with us just before or immediately following retirement, have been referred by family or friends.”

When it comes to retirement and living the life of your dreams, wealth is aligned with financial independence – when your assets generate more return than your household expenses consume – so it’s not necessarily measured in units of dollars, but in units of time.

Consider this: if you stopped working today, how long could you survive financially with the assets you have? Even more importantly, what would your quality of life be like? Whenever you choose to set financial goals for your retirement, remember the measurement of time determines how long your assets will carry you, without the need to work.

“In order to determine where you want to be financially, you need to know where you are today,” Henry explained. “You need to understand both your monthly expenditures as well as your net assets (the value of what you own versus what you owe). Then, you need to think about your retirement needs and set goals for the future. There are a number of different ways you can achieve those goals, and a detailed personal investment strategy that you revisit often is the best way to help get from point A to point B.”

“Every client’s plan is different and dependent upon the individual investor’s needs and preferences,” Starkey said. “Building and preserving wealth for retirement requires a keen understanding of the specific goals, concerns, timeline and risk tolerance that define a path for you to follow. Helping you avoid any unpleasant surprises along the way is extremely important.”

Demonstrating their deep understanding of the need for financial strategies to change and adapt over time, Oak Partners has been serving clients in northwest Indiana since 1993. Proud of their regions roots, this homegrown team of professional wealth advisors is experienced when it comes to the financial issues of greatest importance to their clients – from retired steelworkers and teachers to healthcare providers, entrepreneurs and business managers.

Now, from their new headquarters in Crown Point plus satellite offices in Valparaiso, Cincinnati, OH and Naples, FL, Oak Partners services more than $500 million of investable client assets.

“Everyone in the Crown Point office is from here, we grew up in these communities and made the choice to raise our families here,” Starkey said. “You’ll see us out at the baseball park, at school events, in restaurants or at the grocery store. We know all about the region and enjoy working with people we can relate to.”

“Our very personal service is another thing that makes the Oak Partners experience special for our clients,” Henry explained. “For starters, whenever they call the office, a real person answers the phone, there’s never a recording during regular business hours. Then, thanks to our unique team approach, they are immediately connected with someone they know, someone familiar with their portfolio and plan. The team approach is also a great benefit for us. It gives us greater peace of mind, to be at our kids’ events for example, knowing someone will always be available to assist our clients.”

Ultimately, great customer service is a lot easier to deliver when you have multiple people looking out for your best interest, and the team atmosphere helps keep the lines of communication open, according to Starkey.

“Beyond that, we’re always hosting special events for our clients so they can get to know one another and share their stories as well,” he added. “From meet and greets at local restaurants to economic updates in our conference room, we’re reaching out with different messages five or six times each month – in addition to regularly scheduled formal reviews - to keep clients engaged. It’s a real family atmosphere here, and I think that stems from the fact that we are an independent office. Our goal at the end of the day is to simply do what’s right for the client.”

Whether you’re part of the Baby Boomer generation or one of their children or grandchildren, planning and saving for retirement is definitely a priority once again.

Just as you rely on the expertise of a medical doctor when ill or injured, the counsel of an attorney in matters of the law, you would most certainly get the advice of a skilled tax accountant should the IRS ever call. So, if you’re looing to pursue your dreams in a more deliberate and thoughtful manner, wouldn’t it be wise to seek the guidance of an investment professional who can help you develop and implement a detailed plan with strategies to help you achieve your personal financial goals for retirement - the best vacation of all.

“We know the people of northwest Indiana work very hard all their lives to accumulate assets,” Henry said. “We’re here to help them maintain and live off those assets during retirement. Whether you’re at the accumulation or distribution stage, you owe it to yourself to find out how a professional advisor can help improve the cash flow of your portfolio. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know how to do your job, so give me the chance to do mine.”

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