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Five years ago when Dave Stearns retired he and his wife Anita had two financial goals.

“Basically we wanted to make sure we were guaranteed not to lose the investment that we had,” Anita Stearns said. “We wanted to be able to know that once we were gone our funds would not be depleted and there would be money for our children.”

To find the right advisor to help them meet their goals, the Stearns interviewed seven different financial companies and attended many workshops before choosing Amatulli & Associates.

They are more than satisfied with their choice. Not only has their money grown, they love the personal contact and care they receive from owner John Amatulli.

“I like the fact that he continually keeps in contact with us,” Anita Stearns said. “He sends us mailings on different things about the companies that we are with. If there is a newsletter that goes out he makes sure that we get a copy of it. He calls us if we have any concerns. He doesn’t drag his feet, he returns phone calls immediately.”

The Stearns find Amatulli to be committed to his clients and very compassionate.

“Even if you are not a customer or a client of his he treats you the same,” Anita Stearns said. “He’s a very good human being and that is important.”

The Stearns like that Amatulli is interested in their goals.

“That is one of the reasons that we are happy with John because he is not so big that he doesn’t have time for you,” Anita Stearns said. “We have no problem letting people know that. We have actually referred several people to him.”

“John is probably the best thing that ever happened to us,” David Stearns said.

Amatulli and Associates, located at 8025 Wicker Ave. in St. John and Suite 150, 13701 Algonquin in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, takes a personal approach to financial planning, offering a high level of service paired with years of experience, comprehensive resources and support, objective advice and in-depth knowledge. The company is passionately committed to service and creating value for their clients and community. The result is unique financial and retirement solutions that cater to client’s individual needs, goals and vision.

Amatulli said he loves his job.

“I love people,” Amatulli said. “I love working with people. I love taking care of people. When I get up every morning it’s a breath of fresh air to be able to do what I do.”

Amatulli said a life event and a friend both led him to the world of financial advising.

“When I was 18 to 20 years old I played the professional racquetball tour,” Amatulli said. “I was fortunate to make some respectable money at a very young age and I invested it with an advisor. I lost it all from his lack of staying on top of things and the risk that he put me at. So it inspired me to go to college.”

Amatulli enrolled at the Indiana University School of Business.

“I’ve always loved numbers so I got into it in school and a dear friend of mine 23 years ago introduced me to the advisor world,” he said.

Amatulli finds being able to give people a good night’s sleep because he’s a conservative advisor most satisfying.

“Not everybody that does what I do is,” Amatulli said. “I give people the opportunity to sleep well at night and not worry so much about their retirement nest egg.”

Serving on the Better Business Bureau of Indiana Board of Directors for seven years, Amatulli said he believes in conservativeness and safety.

“It goes along with what I do,” Amatulli said.

Amatulli, who has been in the business for 23 years and run his own company since 2000, believes in putting his clients’ best interest and needs first.

He believes integrity is of the utmost importance.

“It’s not a numbers game for me,” Amatulli said. “I take every client or potential client who walks through the door seriously. I am not out to get 2000 clients. I don’t want to lose the personal touch with my company nor have clients just become a number like they do with some companies around here.”

His referral business reflects his clients’ satisfaction.

“Fortunately for us 2013 was my best referral year ever,” Amatulli said. “Probably one of the most rewarding things for me as a business owner and as a financial advisor is that we are taking care of our current client base. They must think a lot of us because they are giving referrals to friends and family which is a good feeling.”

A Certified Financial Educator, Amatulli gives talks and workshops throughout the year.

“I look at myself as a teacher because even though I have my own business, Amatulli & Associates, I also travel around the country speaking at conventions and teaching financial advisors in the industry or those getting into the industry how to conduct their business,” Amatulli said.

In 2012 Amatulli was recognized by Aviva Life Insurance Company as one of the top three financial advisors in the country related to customer satisfaction.

“That was probably one of the proudest moments in my career to get a national customer satisfaction award where these companies actually polled real clients,” Amatulli said. “That was rewarding.”

Amatulli and Associates help clients plan, implement and enjoy a comfortable retirement, helping them to see if they can afford to retire, reviewing the safety of their funds, looking at tax ramifications and the effects of a long term illness.

The company’s annuity products have the potential to create tax-deferred wealth, leave a legacy for clients’ beneficiaries and protect their retirement income.

Amatulli & Associates also offers a comprehensive portfolio of competitive life insurance products that provide guaranteed coverage, may prevent financial hardships in the event of terminal illness or sudden death and help clients feel more secure in uncertain times.

“Our clients benefit from immediate and comprehensive access to a team of financial professionals dedicating to addressing their needs promptly,” Amatulli said.

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