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Just so you get the picture, I am struggling through six or seven scientific papers about how our aging skin is helped--or not helped--by certain "miraculous" potions which are endlessly advertised these days. But what's my husband doing? He has a computer, too. While I have spent the last two hours trying to figure out how the "stratum corneum’s function as a barrier is provided by patterned lipid lamellae in the extra-cellular spaces between corneocytes,” he has been chuckling away at web site he's found, "ShesAHomewrecker.com.”

Yep. I can't help it. At the moment, sluts and bimbos are more fascinating than lipids and corneocytes.

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," wrote William Congreve in a 1687 play called, The Mourning Bride. The full quote is actually apt, "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned," spoken by Zara in Act III, Scene VIII.

Yes these gals are aggravated beyond the beyond. And boy, did Congreve have no idea what the internet could do for fury and scorn. Here is a whole site in which women, who have found their husbands cheating tell the whole stories of their betrayals and how they found out. Additionally, they have figured out how to clip photos of these "homewreckers" and they post them along with stories about how they ruined the lives of faithful spouses..

Check out this posting from Vincennes, Indiana.

"We were happy, until that day. I got a text from my soon-to-be ex-husband's ex-wife that her and their daughter were homeless. They lived 4 hours away and I’ve always had a heart. So I offered a hand of kindness. I invited his ex and my stepdaughter to come live with us for a bit."

I have corrected spelling and grammar errors in the above paragraph, and it's not that this wronged woman isn't bright enough, but honestly she doesn't appear to have been thinking right.

"After I brought them down and got them situated J started acting funny. He became withdrawn and angry at me. I figured it was the change in environment and he would be fine. The entire three years we were married he was never good with change but it only got worse and then J started to guard his phone and started demanding that I go places alone all the time, even places that required him. I knew something was up. Finally she came clean. They had been sleeping together and dating since I brought her down. The entire thing was planned even before I brought her down. I confronted J. He begged for forgiveness and even threw her out to prove he loved me."

Did it end there? No, it did not.

"They kept it going.” J moved in with the moved-out ex. "Now he pretends our kids don’t exist and even has made claims they are not his because I’m a home-wrecking whore. From my understanding of research this “lady” sees married men as a challenge and has broken up more homes one way or another than anything."

As of today there are 61 postings from the state of Indiana; 68 from Illinois, 175 from California. Looks like every state is represented. I especially liked one in which the wronged woman describes how she found out the phone number of the gal who was texting her husband and pretended to be him, texting back (as her husband) saying they had to break up because their affair was not fair to his wife. Then there's the guy who accidentally sat on his phone, calling his wife, while describing to a friend the wild fling he was having.

But wait, there's more. Others, similarly scorned, vote on whose story is the most horrible. Some fellows take umbrage at the rather large-scale shaming and refer to it as "bullying.” You know, how people live is mostly private business. When kids are involved, it's trickier. It's not so much the infidelity that grabs my attention with these "Homewrecker" briefs--it's the secret lives that come crawling out from under rocks that I find so fascinating. I've known many marriages which have sustained the Nordic blasts of unfaithfulness; I've known a few unions ripped apart. It's the secrets and lies that stab the betrayed ones. Nobody is going to make these guys walk around wearing a "Scarlet Letter" like in Nathaniel Hawthorne's day. But until somebody stops it, the "wounded wedding warriors" are fighting back.

How about this one from Warsaw, Indiana?

"This whore didn’t care that the man she was after was her boss, guess that was her thought, to sleep her way up the ladder and this was not her first time trying that move. Nor did she care that he was married with children. She even offered to watch the children for us.. . .She had no idea that I wasn’t one of the stupid housewives that would roll over and play dead. . . . And in the end, she lost him. Oh I let him go after several years of trying to work it out, but sadly I couldn’t ever trust him again, the love had died."

And then, from Ft. Wayne: “My husband and I have been together for almost ten years. Never cheated on, never lied to. If ever there was a mid-life crisis, this must be it. Oh, and I’ve already “dealt” with him. He got his first. Now it’s her turn.. . ."

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