Starcast: December Part 2

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Welcome to “Starcast” – an interesting look into what the Cosmos has in store for the 12 sun-signs. Let’s explore the planet, Venus (love, affection, creativity, and abundance), which rules two scintillating sun-signs: the earthy Taurus, the Bull, and the sometimes illusive Libra, the Balancing Scales – and find out exactly which one of the 12 sun-signs this sought-after planet is traveling through right now. And what that particular sojourn means for each of the 12 sun-signs. Keep in mind: No matter who you are or where you are, you’re influenced by whatever planetary activity is occurring. No one, absolutely no one, is excluded.

Scroll back to Saturday, December 15, 2012 at 10:39 p.m. – when the planet, Venus, entered the dazzling sun-sign of Sagittarius, the Centaur, and will continue its journey through there until Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 10:11 p.m., when Venus enters the no game-playing sun-sign of Capricorn, the Mountain Goat (surely, a “Starcast” for another time). To be remembered: Venus is warm, loving, and eager to embrace – and to be embraced. But like every sun-sign (there are 12) it enters, a planet (in this instance, it’s the emotional and wildly creative Venus) takes on the qualities of that sun-sign. Therefore, Venus in Sagittarius, one of three Fire signs (Aries and Leo, the other two), abhors confinement, sameness, and a fixed schedule – of any kind. Here, edgy drama and lovingly intense situations, in which brilliance and abundance are key elements, dominate. Whatever your sun-sign, know that Venus in Sagittarius affects you directly, for Sagittarius governs one of the twelve houses within your own birth chart (also known as the zodiac wheel).

Look at a numerical (1 through 12) clock. That’s the zodiac wheel; that’s your birth chart, as well, in which each pie-shaped wedge (3 to 2 o’clock, for example) is a house – an area of activity (love, money – in every currency imaginable – work, and so on) in your everyday life – one of which Sagittarius, the Centaur, most certainly rules. Love you, Venus!

Here’s how Venus (love and creativity), now in Sagittarius, the Centaur, influences the 12 sun-signs vis-a-vis the 12 houses of the zodiac wheel.

[ARIES] March 21-April 20

Your 9th House: Contacts, Plans, and Projects – near and at a distance. Perfect! This Venus in Sagittarius placement is wonderfully aligned with your latest plans and projects. Press on, knowing that you have strong planetary backup. SIDESTEP uncertainty about taking the next step.

[TAURUS] April 21-May 20

Your 8th House: Revitalization – mental, emotional, physical, financial, spiritual. Take a good look around you – and you’ll be amazed at just how much progress you’ve made during this year. Rejoice in that – and keep going. SIDESTEP any indecisiveness – whatever form it takes.

[GEMINI] May 21-June 20

Your 7th House: Alliances, Agreements, and Special Arrangements. With the love and laughter of Venus in Sagittarius – so close at hand – you’re in an excellent position to outline, structure, and create new working relationships. Go for it! SIDESTEP a reluctance to discuss all the issues.

[CANCER] June 21-July 22

Your 6th House: The Work Scene. With Venus in Sagittarius – alive and optimistic – within your working environment, there isn’t anything to stop the mending of several work-related relationships. It all depends on you. SIDESTEP chilliness when warmth could accomplish everything.

[LEO] July 23-August 22

Your 5th House: Close Relationships, Creativity, and Speculation – taking a chance. This is excellent. Love and abundance (of every good thing) are close at hand. Time now to focus on who and what you desire, for gain is a very real possibility. SIDESTEP disinterest; worse still, criticism.

[VIRGO] August 23-September 22

Your 4th House: Home and Home-Related Matters – and this includes not only where-you-live, but where-you-work, as well. Let enchantment fill the environment, as you pursue laughter and happiness in every nook and cranny. It’s up to you to set a happy tone. SIDESTEP hesitation.

[LIBRA] September 23-October 22

Your 3rd House: All Forms of Communications. In your own subtle style, express yourself with flair and enthusiasm. There’s much to be gained throughout this Venus in Sagittarius cycle. After all, Venus is your ruler and best buddy. SIDESTEP skimming the surface of vital documents.

[SCORPIO] October 23-November 22

Your 2nd House: Income, Possessions, and Lifestyle. Be completely aware that Venus in Sagittarius represents a great growth factor for you – if you’re willing to smile, laugh, and win the minds and hearts of others. SIDESTEP sending mixed signals, especially to those in power positions.

[SAGITTARIUS] November 23-December 21

Your 1st House: Personal Efforts. This is the best! And it’s precisely what you’re the happiest with – love, beauty, and absolute abundance – permeating your newest ideas and brilliant endeavors. It doesn’t get any better. SIDESTEP trampling over those who aren’t as driven as you are.

[CAPRICORN] December 22-January 19

Your 12th House: Confidential Matters and Secret Strategy-Planning Sessions. Pace yourself, if you want to achieve everything that you have in mind. Means that you can’t go in several different directions – at the same time. Focus! SIDESTEP being humorless during private talks.

[AQUARIUS] January 20-February 18

Your 11th House: Your Secret Agenda. Included here are the desires-of-your-heart. Define those desires for yourself, put them in order, and select the most important one. And then, with Venus in Sagittarius at your side – go after it! SIDESTEP a show of temper – at the wrong time.

[PISCES] February 19-March 20

Your 10th House: Your Career and Its Advancement. This isn’t the time to be your casual, low-key self. With Venus in Sagittarius, holding Court within this most important sector, you must be outgoing, enthusiastic, and playing to win. SIDESTEP being difficult, if not impossible, to find.

And I am Fran Smith inviting you to join me at for the next “Starcast” on Friday, January 11, 2013 – when the Sky has painted a whole new picture…

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