Starcast: January Part 1

2013-01-11T00:00:00Z Starcast: January Part 1By Fran Smith
January 11, 2013 12:00 am  • 

Welcome to “Starcast” – a remarkable look into what the Cosmos has in store for the 12 sun-signs. This is huge, because today, Friday, January 11, 2013, a fabulous New Moon (when the Sun and the Moon are in perfect alignment within the same sun-sign, signifying new beginnings) occurs in the sun-sign of Capricorn, the Mountain Goat (forever climbing up the steep and rocky ledge toward success) at 2:44 p.m. (ET). And since every New Moon, as well as every planetary change, takes on the characteristics of the sun-sign it inhabits, today’s New Moon has all the characteristics – uncanny insight, burning ambition, a no-nonsense work ethic, and a focused passion on whatever/whomever it desires – of Capricorn. No less than total accomplishment is expected!

Noteworthy: No matter who you are or where you are (on Earth), you’re influenced by whatever activity occurs in our highly-active, constantly-moving-forward solar system. Never to be treated lightly, every New Moon offers a clear and fresh opportunity to take charge of your own Life by working with the invisible power present in the atmosphere (the air all around you) to manifest your newest goals and long-held desires. Know that lingering in the past blocks any new beginning – whether it’s mental, emotional, physical, financial, or spiritual – from coming through to you (whichever one of the 12 sun-signs you are) as new ideas, new people, new opportunities, and/or a new change of circumstances.

Look at a numerical (1 through 12) clock or wristwatch. That’s the zodiac wheel – that’s your birth chart, too, in which each pie-shaped wedge (8 to 7 o’clock, for example) is a house – an area of activity (love, money – in every currency imaginable – work, and so on) in your day-to-day existence – one of which Capricorn, the Mountain Goat, most certainly rules. Take note and luxuriate in the new developments close at hand.

Here’s the New Moon (new starts) in Capricorn, the Mountain Goat, affects the 12 sun-signs vis-a-vis the 12 houses of the zodiac wheel.

[ARIES] March 21-April 20

The 10th House: Your Career and Its Advancement. Several new career opportunities now surface in dramatic ways. Advance and investigate all opportunities before becoming inextricably involved. Go slowly. Time is on your side. SIDESTEP being shy or reticent, at the wrong moment.

[TAURUS] April 21-May 20

The 9th House: Important Meetings and Long-Range Plans – near and at a distance. The New Moon in Capricorn (which relates with charm and perfect timing to your own sun-sign) is a favorite. Use it wisely – and within pre-existing guidelines. SIDESTEP not living in the moment.

[GEMINI] May 21-June 20

The 8th House: Revitalization – mental, emotional, physical, financial, spiritual. Let yourself consider a new way of doing nearly everything. The time is right for new conditions – and you have the imagination to bring them into existence. SIDESTEP stopping your superb pace.

[CANCER] June 21-July 22

The 7th House: Agreements and Special Arrangements; even the desired Contract. What do you really want? And that question is at the core of recent (if not long-held) situations. Answer it with honesty. Then, go for it! SIDESTEP allowing yourself to be discouraged – even for an instant.

[LEO] July 23-August 22

The 6th House: The Work Scene, Its Content, and Its Direction. While your working environment is rarely far from your thoughts, this new year – 2013 – sees you on the brink of amazing developments within this sphere. SIDESTEP any uncertainty about your talent or your skill.

[VIRGO] August 23-September 22

The 5th House: Love is in the Air. A fabulous concept! But this is real, so see what can be made tangible – in the way of a close relationship or a creative matter – or both. Know that you now have superb planetary backup to carry you forward. SIDESTEP being very difficult to find.

[LIBRA] September 23-October 22

The 4th House: Your Base-of-Operations – where-you-live and where-you- work. And given the complex nature of all your relationships, this New Moon speaks to the core of current issues. It’s time now to find solutions that are sound. SIDESTEP disregarding the wishes of those close to you.

[SCORPIO] October 23-November 22

The 3rd House: All Forms of Dialogue. You should be able to accomplish a great deal of significant and enterprising endeavors this month. It’s what you do best. And few people will even realize that a new schedule has been created. But you’ll know. SIDESTEP confusion and uncertainty.

[SAGITTARIUS] November 23-December 21

The 2nd House: Income, Possessions, and Lifestyle. This is the one month out of twelve that you’re low-key in actions and in words. Much is to be gained if you allow yourself to stay focused, think with clarity, and pay very close attention to the bottom line. SIDESTEP too much playtime.

[CAPRICORN] December 22-January 19

The 1st House: Close-to-the-Heart Endeavors. This is the best time, for January marks the start of your own personal New Year. And true to your elegant style, few people have any idea that you’re hard to work – shaping and reshaping a new world. SIDESTEP the art of sidestepping.

[AQUARIUS] January 20-February 18

The 12th House: Private Matters and Secret Strategy-Planning Sessions. This is an excellent time, for now is the time when you can line up all your thoughts and ideas – and decide exactly which ones you plan to launch in February. SIDESTEP openly discussing your private affairs.

[PISCES] February 19-March 20

The 11th House: Getting-What-You-Want. And that’s the big question – what do you really want? Not in a month or two, not in the future, but right now! Answer this truthfully – and you’ll have your main objective for the next three weeks. SIDESTEP too much quiet in your Life.

And I am Fran Smith inviting you to join me at for the next “Starcast” on Friday, January 25, 2013 – when the Sky has painted a whole new picture…

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