Starcast: November Part 1

2012-11-09T00:00:00Z Starcast: November Part 1By Fran Smith
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Welcome to “Starcast” – a fascinating look into what the Cosmos has in store for the 12 sun-signs. And what a look, especially if we scroll back to Monday, October 22, 2012 at 8:14 p.m. (ET). That’s when the Sun entered the magnetic sun-sign of Scorpio, the Scorpion; thereby, creating the dynamics for the approaching New Moon (new beginnings – when the Sun and the Moon are in the same sun-sign) in Scorpio, scheduled to occur on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 5:09 p.m. (ET). Perfect. Because every 28 to 31 days – no matter who you are or where you are – the Sun’s influence shifts from one sun-sign to the next. And takes on the characteristics of that new sun-sign. It’s an all-inclusive influence that continues 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and never stops – even when you’re asleep or not consciously thinking about it.

This captivating New Moon is the silent, scintillating Scorpio (absolutely the most secretive of all 12 sun-signs) will unfold favorably over the 10 to 12 days that follow. And since everyone has Scorpio, the Scorpion, ruling one of the twelve houses within their own birth chart, everyone is directly affected by whatever planetary activity occurs in this amazing sun-sign. Ruled by two planets, Mars (raw energy), and Pluto (transformation), Scorpio is both resourceful and mysterious. So, with this New Moon, initiate new ideas, new plans, and new projects. Still, don’t grip time by the throat. Relax – mentally, emotionally, physically – and focus on those plans, projects, and relationships. Do quietly whatever needs to be done. Then, wait. Repeat, if necessary. Adjust, only if needed.

Visualize a numerical (1 through 12) clock. That’s your birth chart. And each pie-shaped wedge (3 to 2 o’clock, for example) is a house – an area of activity (love, money – in every currency imaginable – work, and so on) in your life. So, know that this New Moon in Scorpio can transform your everyday conditions by attracting the best developments into your life – if you think only about the best developments. Constantly.

Here’s how the New Moon (new beginnings) in Scorpio, the Scorpion, affects the 12 sun-signs within the 12 houses of the zodiac wheel:

[ARIES] March 21-April 20

The 8th House: Starting Anew, on all levels – mental, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual. Now is the time – although it may be difficult to believe. After all the starts, stops, and misdirection, you now have superb planetary backup. Go! SIDESTEP the opinion that contradicts your own.

[TAURUS] April 21-May 20

The 7th House: Agreements, Special Arrangements; even, the desired Contract. More than one new alliance or opportunity may appear out of nowhere. Advance at your own pace now. Great potential is in the air. And timing is everything. SIDESTEP shrill sounds and discordant notes.

[GEMINI] May 21-June 20

The 6th House: Your Work Scene. A brand new blueprint of your working environment must be created by you – for you. Decide what you really want to do. And be. Nothing is impossible, if you can just see it. And hold the vision of it. SIDESTEP not taking the best possible care of yourself.

[CANCER] June 21-July 22

The 5th House: Close Relationships, Creative Matters, and Speculation – taking a chance. Don’t allow this New Moon to merely slip by without creating a positive situation – and including the person or the project you care about the most. SIDESTEP taking your eye off the main objective.

[LEO] July 23-August 22

The 4th House: Your Base-of-Operations – where-you-live and where-you work. Delve into the inner lining of late-breaking developments. And activate whatever needs to be. Know that secrecy is your Best Friend Forever now. SIDESTEP uncharacteristic confusion or uncertainty.

[VIRGO] August 23-September 22

The 3rd House: Getting the Word Out – whatever form it takes. The ways in which you express yourself are countless. And you take advantage of all of them, as you contact and meet with those in power positions. SIDESTEP any uncertainty about conditions that you’re familiar with.

[LIBRA] September 23-October 22

The 2nd House: Your Income, Possessions, and Lifestyle. Leave no stone unturned as you conduct your financial affairs with a cold and piercing eye on detail. The Scorpion stings. And whenever money is involved, you can do the same. SIDESTEP talking openly about confidential projects.

[SCORPIO] October 23-November 22

The 1st House: Close-to-the-Heart Endeavors. This is your favorite time of the year. It’s a vivid introduction to late Autumn – a haunting time when renewal is seen, felt, and experienced with the falling of every leaf. Surely the best time to start something new. SIDESTEP useless chatter.

[SAGITTARIUS] November 23-December 21

The 12th House: Confidential Matters and Secret Strategy-Planning Sessions. It’s close to the start of your personal New Year – and there’s much work yet to be done. Eliminate everything but the most essential. And then, concentrate only on that. SIDESTEP being difficult to reach.

[CAPRICORN] December 22-January 19

The 11th House: Your Secret Agenda – which contain the desires-of-your heart. No one ever knows what you really want. And you heartily intend to keep it that way. Press on now, and rely on the easy sophistication that is Scorpio. SIDESTEP ignoring late-breaking developments.

[AQUARIUS] January 20-February 18

The 10th House: Your Career and Its Advancement. Here it is, close to the Holidays. And you give every indication that you’re about to become fully involved in the festivities. When, in reality, it’s your career that has your real attention. SIDESTEP pretending that certain situations do not exist.

[PISCES] February 19-March 20

The 9th House: New Ideas, New Plans, and New Projects – near and at a distance. To say that you’re smooth – both in manner and in demeanor – is accurate. But no one has any idea just how intense you are about all those new ideas. But you know. SIDESTEP an unwillingness to focus.

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