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Paul Ranogajec is an independent art historian specializing in American architecture. He is currently completing a Ph.D. from the City University of New York. He works as Executive Associate at the Open Society Foundations. He loves writing, traveling and studying architecture styles from all periods of history.


Rick Kaempfer is an author/writer/blogger, and featured Shore columnist. His column "A Fine Mess" chronicles his bungled attempts at coping with everyday life. Rick has written several books, including collaborating on the upcoming biography on John Landecker, 'Records' Truly Is My Middle Name (available at Before becoming a full-time writer, Rick was a radio producer and host for more than twenty years, working alongside such Chicago radio legends as Steve Dahl & Garry Meier, and John Records Landecker. For the past six years Rick has also contributed a weekly column to the Northwest Indiana Times Your Family blog entitled "Father Knows Nothing." His three boys insist that column is aptly named. His wife Bridget is too nice to publicly agree.


Kate Van Winkle is an environmental reporter for the Medill News Service and recent Chicago transplant. Originally from Austin, Texas, Kate worked in communications at several local businesses before moving to the Windy City to pursue a career as a journalist. She is still learning to love cold weather and wind chills. She enjoys traveling, sailing, drinking coffee, rock climbing and reading obscure British literature. Kate earned a B.A. and B.S. from The University of Texas at Austin and is currently pursuing an M.S. at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

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