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A couple of grand parties following a Shore cookie day

2013-12-05T10:00:00Z A couple of grand parties following a Shore cookie dayBy Pat Colander
December 05, 2013 10:00 am  • 

Shore has no choice but to have a cookie day, the annual Grand Party at Customs Imports is tonight and on Sunday, Santa, along with kindie band Poochamungas!, hosts the Teddy Bear Tea at the Marina Grand.

All Purpose Cookie Day at Shore Times Headquarters: Years ago a bake sale for United Way was out excuse for doing a cookie walk, but with everyone becoming health conscious---our work insurance gives discounts for BMI and encourages healthy behavior, like many employers---that went away, probably for the best. But then cookies during the holidays, pie once in a while, there are some things that ought to be inviolate. It seemed the more we denied ourselves the worse we craved cookies. I ripped some photos out of magazines that suggested obscene amounts of calories like a brownie crumb collage, a row of perfect homemade lemon pinwheels. So, we---the Shore and niche staff---first thought it should be a kind of contest, a pictorial docudrama about a competition. But how were we going to determine whether the gingerbread men were really better than the red velvet cookies? Judgment barely enters into it.

So, the bakers of Shore and niche got a tasting menu together and brought in the good today. Eloise Valadez made Christmas cookies, iced and decorated like ornaments; from Tara McElmurry we got homemade ginger snaps and snowballs dusted with confectioner’s sugar; the archivist Patricia Kincaid, who has a reputation for cooking and baking, produced rum balls and almond kiss cookies; Katie Dorsey added double-triple chocolate World Peace cookies and another platter of Red Velvet cookies studded with white chocolate chips and Matt Sharp produced Oatmeal scotchies, like the cookie version of a butterscotch disk. Wow! Of course, I found everything irresistible. But the hardest part for the group was waiting for our photographer Tony Martin to take the photos for what will eventually become a multi-part series, or something that you will read about again soon. It ended up quite a day for eating nothing but cookies. Eloise, who is becoming more and more proficient with her iPhone camera, took a couple of great shots of Tony documenting our cookies. Katie Dorsey believes you cannot eat cookies without milk and she’s probably right. So Katie gets credit for that touch too.

Lots to do in New Buffalo this Weekend: On Friday night, the legendary annual Grand Party at Customs Import on Whittaker in New Buffalo with karaoke wine and food contributors including Timothy’s, Sahara, Skip’s, Casey’s, Grateful Diner and VillaNova Pizzeria. On Sunday, the party, ”Teddy Bear Tea,” is at the Marina Grand Resort to gather some toys for underprivileged kids while “snacking and dancing,” as Collette Kemper says in her note on the event. Santa will be there of course, and so will the “award-winning 'kindie' band Poochamungas!” Admission is $10 per person and the donation of a new, unwrapped toy. For reservations, call 269.469.9900.

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