Dose Market brings holiday cheer

2012-12-12T15:39:00Z 2012-12-14T08:44:07Z Dose Market brings holiday cheer
December 12, 2012 3:39 pm

If you haven't been to Dose Market, it is definitely an experience to put on your bucket list - it's without a doubt the trendiest market I've ever been to. There are all kinds of different artists and vendors at this market, including jewelry designers, vintage clothing purveyors, home goods suppliers, and more.

Holidose - the December version of Dose Market - took place last Sunday, Dec. 9, at its usual location in River East Art Center in Streeterville. It wasn't much different than the usual incarnation of the market, except for the items for sale at many of the vendor booths being holiday-themed. The industrial space was thrumming with indie-house music provided by Artpentry, as usual, by the time we walked in. 

Though we arrived only 5 minutes after the official start time of 10 am, we were by no means the first people to arrive - the market was already buzzing with activity when we made our way through check-in.

I struck out in my quest for Christmas presents, but it doesn't matter. The main attraction at Dose - for me anyway - is the food.

Eclair Bakery, based in Morton Grove, Ill., was our first stop of the morning.  We were looking for pastries for breakfast, and this bakery's offerings far exceeded my expectations.  We got a chocolate croissant, an almond croissant and a bacon and caramelized onion roll. They were amazingly delicious, and it's no surprise - from two bakers who got their start in Paris, including one of them working at the famed Laduree macaron house.

In fact, I loved the bacon roll so much that I went back and bought another for the next morning.

Jolly Posh Foods, with a new storefront on Irving Park Rd., was offering samples of their handmade bangers and back bacon.  One of the bangers was a sage flavored variety, and the other was more traditional.  I'm not a huge fan of sausage in any form, but I did like their traditional version.  My husband, who is a connoisseur, loved the sage-infused product.

Om Boys Food Movement stocked some very interesting varieties of peanut butter from Yum Butter up for samples, such as "Ethical Elvis", a peanut butter made with organic bananas and fair trade chocolate, "Dark Chocolate D'Lish", with plenty of chocolate flavor mixed in, and "Asian Jazz Curry" flavor, which we bought. I've been known to use peanut butter in unorthodox ways in my cooking adventures, and this is one I can't wait to throw into a stir fry.

240 Sweet's booth made a repeat appearance at Dose, with all their artisan marshmallows on display - which, in an interesting twist, they served roasted over a portable burner. As I told their representative when I was there in October, if these marshmallows were included in camping trips, even I could be persuaded to attend.

I would be amiss if I didn't mention the wonderful bloody mary samples provided by Koval Distillery, made with McClure's Bloody Mary mix and pickle cubes. I used both my allotted drink tickets on these samples.  I was a bit disappointed that they weren't selling the bloody mary mix that day.  As is usual for Dose libation providers, they only give samples - no selling allowed.  Even so, I am thinking of ordering some of the mix online to give to my uncle, a self-professed bloody mary expert.

I may get another jar to keep for myself.  You know, for emergencies.

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