Feast for the senses in Three Oaks and Stray Dog's long anticipated comeback

2013-06-27T00:00:00Z Feast for the senses in Three Oaks and Stray Dog's long anticipated comeback nwitimes.com
June 27, 2013 12:00 am

Bob Swan is onto Something With Three Tenors!: The music and the acoustics are great, but Opera at the Acorn has another unique trait that is sometimes overlooked. You can go casual, tickets are only $25 and you may want to visit the Journeyman Distillery, also a part of the historic featherbone factory and open until 10 pm on Saturday. The opera starts at 8 pm (ET). Warren Moulton, Franco Martorana, and Simon Kyung Lee are performing at the Acorn for the first time in two years. And the program is unpredictable. As Bob Swan writes, “As of now, nobody knows what they will be singing. Sometimes they take requests. Sometimes they sing a lot of Neapolitan love songs. Sometimes Opera favorites. Sometimes Broadway Blockbusters—and other times surprising popular tunes that they feel have long needed the talents of “real” singers—by which they mean, of course, Opera singers.

“If you haven’t seen them before, now would be the time—who knows when they’ll be back? If you have a friend who has never been to the opera, this just might be the perfect way to introduce them. Go to www.acorntheater.com, or call 269-756-3879 to make sure you have tickets. Do it soon-they don’t last long!

And in New Buffalo Stray Dog Reopening Weekend: The official public opening was yesterday afternoon. But the Stray Dog staff, a mix of veterans and newbies, was serving lunch and dinner to invited guests as rehearsal earlier this week. So the Stray Dog is anticipating a big weekend preceding the 4th of July hoiliday.The message from owners Marc and Leslie Danesi on the web site says in part,”The Stray Dog Bar & Grill has been providing a fun friendly family dining experience as well as lively night life entertainment for over 10 years.  You will see smiles from the same management team, as well as the same bar downstairs, rooftop bar & dining, twinkling tree branches, fireplaces and a big back patio.” The fire kicked up quickly on a routine summer Tuesday night in mid-July last year. The staff quickly evacuated the customers and themselves and miraculously there were no injuries.

The damage was extensive---the roof collapsed—but the decision to rebuild the restaurant was made quickly. But restoring Stray Dog was a long process that included many upgrades in structure as well as materials. Linda Henderson reports in the New Buffalo Times that the floor plan is more spacious and cohesive and the bathrooms are larger. The roof deck is still being finished, but when it is there will be a bathroom on the upper floor as well. Good luck to the Danesi family and Stray Dog. I kept the faith with a gift-certificate purchased at Bev's Second Season Ball.

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