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Julee Rosso wrote classic cookbooks and then opened a B&B in Saugatuck

2013-11-21T10:00:00Z Julee Rosso wrote classic cookbooks and then opened a B&B in SaugatuckBy Pat Colander
November 21, 2013 10:00 am  • 

The generation of cooks coming up may never have heard of Julee Rosso, but Julee and her co-author the late Sheila Lukins wrote a cookbook, well two cookbooks really, that was a must-have for everyone I know who ever poked around a kitchen. The Silver Palate Cook Book, which grew out of a very, popular catering business in New York, came out first. The New Basics was next and that has a recipe for cold poached salmon that I still use at least once a year. (And I can’t count the number of times that I have given that book to some favorite person at Christmas.) As anyone who lives around Saugatuck-Douglas knows, Julee Rosso still thrives as the proprietor of Wickwood Inn in Saugatuck. I am happily reminded of that fact once a month when she sends me her newsletter, always full of interesting items. One of the fabulous things about Wickwood is that it is as charming---perhaps even more charming--- to visit in winter as it is in the summertime. Julee still knows how to cook and has great appetizers and of course, cookies all over her B&B. There are a lot of special deals at Wickwood starting Thanksgiving weekend if you are looking for a cozy, extraordinary Lake Michigan experience you might like this idea.

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