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NoMI Rooftop: Downtown splurge with my friend Julie Masterson

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June 13, 2013 12:00 am

Here is the thought process that went into our lunch to acknowledge that my friend who is moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma will no longer be readily available for lunch in Chicago. She will, however, be somewhat available on a semi-annual-or-maybe-quarterly-basis, so we are really not talking about a farewell tour or anything like that. It was determined that we should do a roof deck because they just don't have roof decks in Tulsa like they have in Chicago. It was determined that we should do a roof deck because they just don't have roof decks in Tulsa like they have in Chicago. Forget about Chefs like Ryan LaRoche and Meg Calus on Pastry.

The best roof deck in my limited personal experience is the deck at NoMI in the Park Hyatt at the Water Tower, because it sits on the northeast corner of Rush and Chicago Avenue so the views are good (southwest) on two sides.

Though we started by ordering our afternoon cocktails in the garden, we heard some silverware crash and our menu blew away and we ducked, but the Fortune Teller --- Tito's vodka, lemon, lillet rose, strawberry mint, peychaud's bitters --- and the Blind Faith --- Tito's vodka, lime, grapefruit, maraschino liquer, green chartreuse --- tasted refreshing inside too. Both were probably equally potent but Blind Faith came in a martini glass while, Fortune Teller was more pink and had melted ice to soften the affect. (I have to mention that NoMI had the best no-alcohol drink menu I have seen yet which is heartening. There are many slow to no drinkers in my universe now.)

Our first course, and we shared everything, was Panisse, non-greasy large squares of chickpea flour and olive oil dough, deep fried with a sauce of whipped goat cheese, dressed with rosemary and aged balsamic vinegar. We split a salad of NoMI greens with Werp farm lettuces, shaved vegetable, rye crouton, cucumber viniagrette. The house brand thing was working for us and we went ahead and got a NoMI Signature Sushi Platter with spicy tuna roll, salmon sushi and yellowtail sashimi. By then we had completed our main photography and adjourned to the deck which was now sunny and breezy, the monsoon was still far away. Even though we had Caffe Americano to clear our minds, the dessert was still kind of confusing, but there sure was a lot of it. There must have been two desserts one Wild Bolilvian Chocolate with honey curd, chocolate mousee, flourless spone cake and house-made soft serve ice cream with dark chocolate, chocolate and crunchy perles, twisted together. By now we were positive beyond a shadow of a doubt that don't have this in Tulsa.

The best thing to do when you have as much excess sugar now coursing through our veins as we had, is of course to go shopping for shoes, dresses, bags, eyemakeup remover and anything else you think you might enjoy trying on. We actually did so much of this trying on that we forgot what time it was. We only found out that it was getting late because another one of Julie's friends called her from South Dakota because she heard on the news there was a tornado in Joliet. We weren't afraid of that tornado, but it was getting really dark outside and the traffic headed to the Hawks game at the United Center was already starting to back up like crazy. Little did the fans know they would have to stay there until midnight for the win.

Julie and I did hit some heavy rain, but we have both been through worse weather around here. And even though we were totally exhausted we managed to stay awake for the triple overtime because you can't just baby out after a day like that. To be continued...

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