Pop culture experts on a promotional tour for a humble American food

2013-07-03T00:00:00Z Pop culture experts on a promotional tour for a humble American food
July 03, 2013 12:00 am

Man Bites Dog, a venerable American classic book on a venerable American classic food will be analyzed and promoted all over the place in the month ahead starting tonight at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts. Also, hotdogs again at Rittenhouse in Valpo next Friday and festival-goers are midway through the cupcake contest in Cedar Lake.   

Man Bites Dog: A tour promoting an illustrated history of “the most humble of all American foods,” as author Dr. Bruce Kraig and photographer Patty Carroll, phrase it on the Man Bites Dog Book web site, is underway for July. Carroll and Kraig are both established stewards of pop culture. Carroll, a professor of photography at School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College, has began taking photos of hot dog stands in Chicago and around the country since the 1980s---some of those photos are on permanent display at the Chicago History Museum, others have been in shows and group exihibitions around the City and Northwest Indiana. Dr. Kraig, a hot dog expert and professor emeritus at Roosevelt University who has studied and lectured on American and global foodways, has become the world's foremost authority on the culture of hot dogs. (Kraig's previous work includes Hot Dogs: A Global History, which recently won a Paris Book Fair Award.) The authors next appearance will be at the Lubeznik Center in Michigan City tonight at 5:30 pm. Top Dog in Michigan City is bringing the dogs and other refreshments are available. Admission is free. There are two events at The CliffDwellers in Chicago this month and you can see other upcoming events here.

Hot Dog Cookout Benefit for Alzheimer's Next Friday: On July 12th there will be a from 11am-1pm event at Rittenhouse in Valparaiso. The $5 donation includes a hot dog, chips, cookie and a drink and there will be carry-outs available.

Catch the Finale Cupcake Contest at Cedar Lake Summerfest: This is the middle of the festival which will run starting at noon today until 11:30 tonight and the same hours on Saturday on the town complex grounds, 7408 Constitution Ave. On Sunday, the final day of the 32-year-old event, hours are from 7 am until 6 p.m. Admission is free and there is a $5 donation for parking. The Annual Cupcake Contest is held every day of the festival at different times to accommodate age group specific bakers. Visit for details.

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