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The Appetites of Spring: What are you eating this weekend?

2014-04-03T10:00:00Z 2014-04-03T18:13:05Z The Appetites of Spring: What are you eating this weekend?By Pat Colander
April 03, 2014 10:00 am  • 

Fresh seafood everywhere including Café Borgia in Munster, Lazy Perch in New Buffalo and fresh raw oysters at Bartlett’s. Also Hot Chicken at Parsons and Gibson’s for sliders are on the season's menu.

I have been diligently trying to give up a few things for this Lenten season, not that I am especially pious, it’s just that I have been unable to get on the treadmill anywhere near enough these past few months. Meat and cheese have been on the moderate to absent list lately. The difficulty of giving up foods certain foods for 6-8 weeks can not be underestimated. I am carnivore and enjoy meat so much that I’ve horrified people with an ability to consume steak tartare for lunch. The allure of bleu cheese is also ever present, even though I’ve lost the ability to digest either commodity.

But the silver-lining should not be ignored. Perch is just always good on this side of the lake. I guess it’s because we expect it to be. I’ve had raw oysters, scallops in an asparagus salad, and three kinds of shrimp from a grocery-store raw bar in the past month that were just the best ever. Whatever has happened in intermodal transportation to make this happen, I support it whenever I get the chance.

Spring Exposure to Hot Chicken at Parsons: My grandson lives about a block away from Parsons Chicken & Fish, a small restaurant that has become locally famous in Chicago for Chef Hunter Moore who has been creating versions of “Nashville Hot Chicken.” In this iteration chick is marinated in buttermilk, rolled in spiced up bread crumbs and fried. Chef Moore has also been quoted as using “chicken fat,” in the frying instead of the traditional Nashville-lard. For now Hot Chicken is available at Parsons only on Tuesdays and I am not available that day. But I do go for the hot and spicy omelets on Saturdays, so we are getting there. Watch this space.

Let The Traditional Fare Begin: My family is celebrating Mother’s Day and my mother’s 80th birthday kind of rolled into one Sunday brunch this weekend at Gibson’s in Oakbrook. The reason we are going to Gibson’s even though you do not think of it as a typical birthday place for a matriarch, is that my mother likes the Gibson version of slider’s. Of course, sliders are easy to pack up and reheat in the microwave at home so there is no waste, always appealing to my mother and her friends. Also, Gibson’s has always been one of those places where you can make a meal out of a piece of birthday cake. So there is great happiness to find within a bunch of carbs, no matter how vegan you are. Next up Passover, Fasting, Easter and Michigan Meat Pies.

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